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The 8 most refined escape rooms in the world, whether in ancient ruins or subterranean lairs, aren’t for the faint of heart. Only those willing to take risks, work well in teams, and like solving puzzles will be able to save the planet and uncover long-buried mysteries. To see whether you’ve got what it takes, check out these 8 of Europe’s top escape rooms and give it your all.

1. Sherlock Escape Room Amsterdam

Sherlocked is one of the most exciting escape rooms globally, named after the most renowned detective in the world. The Architect and the Vault are the two options available to you while playing Sherlocked. A party of four may enjoy one of the shorter sessions (60 minutes) or, the more extended session (80 minutes).

However, the primary distinction between the two is each kind of activity offered. The Architect wants you to solve puzzles in a recently discovered chamber to save the world’s most valuable secrets. The Vault, on the other hand, will have you disguise yourself as a thief to take a valuable item from a heavily guarded safe. You and your crew may be the first to succeed in this covert and challenging mission, even though many others have tried and failed before you.

2. Enigma Quest, London

Enigma Quest escape is located in Finsbury, only a few blocks from London Bridge and the Thames River, and provides three incredible challenges. When visiting with friends, family, or in a romantic relationship, you may select between the million-pound heist and the deepest submarine escape room.

Thelma and Louise might be your inspiration if you’re an adrenaline junkie. Then Enigma Quest’s puzzles are just up your alley. Mission Wavebreak requires you to rescue the planet. In contrast, the Million Pound Heist requires you to work together to steal the most valuable object in contemporary times. For those who believe they have what it takes, the London-based escape room Enigma Quest has created a 60-minute journey just for them.

3. Bookstore Escape Room Athens: Paradox Project 2

The Paradox Project 2 in Athens is the ultimate escape room experience if you are a genre lover. The Paradox Project task in Athens takes up a full neoclassical mansion, unlike other world-class escape rooms. That’s true; your search will take you through this magnificent home’s various rooms and hidden tunnels.

The Bookstore’s 200-minute assignment may easily be broken into five to six themed escape rooms. As a result, you’ll get the best of both worlds in a priceless escape room experience. The thrill-seekers in Athens will find a brilliantly crafted set with riddles, numerous areas, and a flight of steps within a real bookshop.

4. Budapest ParaPark Escape Room

In the ParaPark escape room basement, you’ll find Budapest’s biggest enigma. In Europe’s first-ever escape room, you’ll descend to search for strewn-about clues. You’ve arrived at a crime scene straight out of Twin Peaks. You’d better be ready to play detective and assist your team thinks outside the box or cellar if you choose to think like that.

On the streets of New York City, where gangs and tragedy collide daily, Crime Scene 95 is located. Hence, you’ll have to solve the puzzles, preserve the documents, and track down the culprit within an hour or so. ParaPark’s escape room is best suited to those who like thrillers and crime stories.

5. The Room Berlin

Each of the four 75-minute-long missions in The Room is hard and takes you to a different time and place. Finding buried treasure at Humboldt University, interning with the world’s most okay ghost hunter, or aiding an intrepid investigator in his pursuit of the Berlin Killer is clearly not for the faint of heart.

So, choose your battles wisely, and come prepared with wits, style, and courage. One of the best escape rooms globally, the Room Escape in Berlin, was awarded the 2017 Golden-Lock award. Furthermore, this escape room is worth a second and fifth trip to Berlin.

6. An escape room in the Catacombs of Paris

If you’re up for a challenge, this unique escape room in Paris is for you. As the name suggests, the Catacombs escape room transports you back in time to the Parisian caverns of decades past. As gorgeous as Paris is, the city’s catacombs are both eerie and a little unnerving.

The Catacombs escape room is for you for those who want to take risks and get chills. Trying out an escape room game in Paris is a refreshing break from strolling around the gardens or shopping.

7. Prague's Harry Potter Lock-In

It’s a family effort to get Harry Potter out of his room. There are kid-friendly furnishings and puzzles, and interactive figurines that children may play with. You and your children will each get a magical wand to fully immerse themselves in the Harry Potter universe.

It takes 60 minutes to complete the Harry Potter escape room in Prague. Three relics must be found in the secret Harry Potter escape room within this magical hour. The Harry Potter Escape Room in Prague is a fun and thrilling experience for the entire family.

8. The Villa Borghese Rome Escape Game

Italian cuisine, homes, and wine attract a wide range of visitors worldwide. Escape rooms have taken over the globe, and Italy’s best sites have become the world’s best. It all begins with a 2.5-hour puzzle at the beautiful Villa Borghese. The villa is a boat-based escape room where you must solve puzzles to get to the next clue.

In Rome, you’ll find this charming escape room. As a result, after you’ve finished touring the Colosseum, you’ll come upon some really gorgeous nooks and crannies in Rome. According to our research, Villa Borghese is the most incredible outdoor escape room in Europe. – You won’t be stuck in a dungeon or a library; instead, you’ll be immersed in the most picturesque part of Italy.

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