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Finland is a country in the northern part of the European continent, between Sweden and Russia. Famous worldwide for its efficient health system, but especially for its education system, Finland has increasingly attracted the attention of foreigners, becoming one of the essential destinations in Europe in the last decade.

With booming urban development, stunning wildlife, and seemingly detached landscapes, Finland has plenty of beautiful places worth visiting.

Reviewing the most impressive places in this country, we recommend those who travel to these lands for the first time to visit the following tourist attractions:

1. Kemi Snow Castle - Finland

Kemi Snow Castle, Finland

Every year, Kemi, a small town in Finnish Lapland on the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia, invites visitors to explore the world’s largest ice castle. The hotel is built every year, at the beginning of winter, and in the spring, it melts. From year to year, its architectural design is more and more spectacular, but the structure remains the same. It consists of a hotel, a restaurant (where even the mugs are made of ice), an art gallery, and a small chapel. Travelers from all over the world come here to visit the impressive castle, many of whom even choose to get married at the on-site chapel.

Kemi Snow Castle, Finland
The Snow Castle is open from January to April when the temperatures are low, but from 2020 a construction plan for the castle will be put in place that will last all year.

2. Santa's house in Rovaniemi, Finland

Santa house, Rovaniemi, Finland
Surely, at some point, we all dreamed of visiting Santa at his house. Well, in Finland you will have this wonderful opportunity. In the north of the country, in Rovaniemi, you will be able to live everything you could have imagined during your childhood! Here you will find Santa Claus and Miss Claus in their little house; you will be able to visit an elves school, a calligraphy school where you can write the letter to Santa, and a post office where the elves collect the letters they receive from throughout the year.

3. Northern lights in Lapland.

Northern lights, Lapland
The land of Lapland is not only attractive because it hosts the village of Santa Claus, but also because it is one of the best places on the planet from which you can see the fascinating northern lights. The chances of this glorious spectacle of nature being seen are extremely high on clear, starry winter nights. Enjoy the incredible experience of the evanescent shades of green, blue, yellow, purple, and red in the sky, which will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale.

4. Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna.

Olavinlinna Castle, Savonlinna

Dating back to the 15th century, the castle is famous for being the northernmost medieval stone fortress still standing. With three colossal towers dominating the entire area, the castle was built on a rocky island in the Kyronsalmi Strait that connects Haukivesi and Pihlajavesi Lakes, with the role of protecting the land from invading enemies.

To get to the castle, you will have to go through a series of bridges that seem to be slightly creepy, and inside, you will find a maze of ornate towers and beautiful chapels.

5. The medieval town of Porvoo, Finland

Porvoo, Finland
Porvoo is one of the six medieval cities of Finland and the second oldest city in the country. Wander through the charming stadiums of the city and enjoy the historic atmosphere of the place. Admire the red-painted wooden buildings along the Porvoonjoki River, the cobbled alleys, and the idyllic parks. The river flows into the Gulf of Finland, connecting Porvoo to Helsinki, and during the summer, a cruise ship transports visitors between the two locations.

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