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With more than 900 miles of stunning coastline and ever-present bright blue skies, the Canary Islands are an amazing holiday destination. Tenerife, the largest of the islands, not only offers beautiful beaches but breathtaking mountains in full swing, interesting nightlife, abundant wildlife, and much more. If you plan to visit, you may be overwhelmed by the many offers, but these things to do are some of the best for your visit to the island.

1. Experience the diverse beach offers in Tenerife

Tenerife, Spain
With so much coastline, Tenerife is home to a wide range of beaches, from golden stretches of sand to velvety black sandy beaches. You will find golden beaches in the eastern areas of the resort, the winds making these stretches of sand popular for kite surfing and windsurfing. To the north and west are the dark and sunny shores, with picturesque bays such as Puerto de la Cruz, Los Gigantes, and Playa de la Arena.

2. Whale watching tour

Whale watching, Spain
Whale watching in Tenerife is a must while you are here. You will have the opportunity to observe pilot whales, minke, and killer whales, along with lots of sea turtles, dolphins, and also the striped dolphins. The tours usually last three hours, departing from Los Gigantes, Las Americas, Los Cristianos, and Las Galletas. A variety of options are available, including trips aboard a small wooden mower for an intimate dolphin experience, as well as glass-bottomed panel catamarans that allow passengers to marvel at the marine life below.

3. Cueva del Viento Cave, Tenerife

Cueva del Viento, Tenerife, Spain
You can also go underground when you are in Tenerife. Cueva del Viento is a series of caves that were formed by lava when the Pico Viejo volcano erupted. The caves include over 11 miles of lava tubes that can be explored during the guided tour. You will cross a maze of underground tunnels to see lava stalactites, lava lake, fossils, and almost 200 species of insects that also live in the cave.

4. Golf

Golf, Spain
The abundant sun combined with spectacular views of the sea, mountains, and volcano is just some of the ingredients that make for the fabulous bay of Tenerife. There are nine different courses on the island, each offering something unique, with different sizes and interesting features. Amarilla Golf and Country Club is the only resort in the archipelago where you can go golf, participate in water activities and horse riding, while Real Club de Golf de Tenerife is known for its wildlife and local inclination. Alabama Golf is a challenging course that offers some of the most unpleasant views of the Atlantic and the island of La Gomera.

5. Take a Jeep Safari While You Are In Tenerife

Jeep Safari, Tenerife, Spain
If you are on a single sightseeing tour of Tenerife, make it a jeep safari. The jeep tour allows you to discover hidden places that standard vehicles can’t even reach, from distant canyons to the surreal landscape, like the moon, of the old Teide volcano. A jeep safari also means that you will be able to see quite a lot in a relatively short time without sacrificing the opportunity to enjoy the cultural charms of the island. There are several tour operators and various excursions offering a variety of routes, including tours to the top of Mount Teide through the famous hidden town of Masca, as well as excursions to the neighboring island of La Gomera.

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