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It feels like summer in the air; the temperatures have risen, so we are heading to the water parks of Europe. Lots of water, endless swimming sessions, lots of laughter, and water fun. Where? We offer you a top 5 most entertaining water parks to visit this summer:

1. Fasouri Watermania - Limassol, Cyprus

Fasouri Watermania, Limassol, Cyprus
Are you traveling to Cyprus this summer? Great, then you have to get to Limassol, the city that hosts the award-winning Fasouri Watermania. The water park is by far one of the most important attractions of Cyprus. It was built on an area of 100,000 square meters and had many attractions. Among them: swimming pools with waves, the mix of slides, the lazy river on which you will sail with an inflatable raft on a length of 400 meters. The older folks can relax in the area dedicated to the spa.

2. PortAventura Caribe Aquatic - Tarragona, Spain

PortAventura Caribe Aquatic - Tarragona, Spain
We head to southwestern Europe, but we stay in countries with a warm climate, and we stop in Tarragona, Spain. Here families with children will find the number 1 attraction in water parks, the popular PortAventura. Do you see a free fall scary? Take your heart in your teeth and get ready to test the King Khajuna slide (31 meters), the highest in Europe. Stop by El Tifon and Mambo Limbo or venture into El Rio Loco and El Torrente.

3. Tropical Islands - Berlin, Germany

Tropical Islands - Berlin, Germany
We know this tropical park is indoor, but not without charm, which brought together under the same dome swimming pools, slides, lagoons, and over 50,000 plants. If you have scheduled a city break in Berlin, do not overlook this vast park built in a dome. The ceiling was painted in such a way as to look like the sky. It is 27 meters high and has the tallest slide, and balloon rides are not excluded here.

4. Sandcastle Waterpark, England

Sandcastle Waterpark, England
If the recipe for a successful vacation includes a day spent in a fun water park, then you should add to your list Sandcastle Waterpark in Lancashire, England. The largest water park in the United Kingdom, Sandcastle brings together 18 memorable attractions, including the longest indoor water slide in the world. This water park also includes an impressive spa, Seabreeze Spa, where you will be pampered, but also shops and cafes. Sandcastle Water Park has all the ingredients you need for fun, from crystal clear pools to spiral or steep slides.

5. Aqualand, Corfu

Aqualand, Corfu

Corfu Island hosts one of the most popular water parks, Aqualand being on the list of many travelers interested in such attractions. The main reason is the fun and the incredible atmosphere of the place.

Jacuzzi, 36 slides, and 15 pools are the main attractions of the water park. You must not miss the Lenes River, which is 350 meters long. It will take you through the most beautiful areas of the park. If you want to burn a few more calories, choose the wave pool, and if you like to experiment with new things, try the Black Hole, a covered slide that will raise your adrenaline levels.

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