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Would you pack your bags and go on a trip around Europe? That sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? So why sit at home? Throw your stuff in a suitcase, get your tickets sorted, and go have some fun while you can. Some things are better done than left stagnating on a Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime list.

1. Spain


A visit to Spain will make tourists want to return here again and again. As the Spaniards themselves say, there is not one Spain, but several, referring to the diversity of landscapes and cultures. And none of these versions of Spain will disappoint tourists.

Lively carnivals, fine food, and lively nightlife, along with stunning beaches, islands, and wildlife, make Spain the perfect destination for tourists. To these are added the historical cities and the cultural heritage.

10 Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime - Spain
Whether it’s Catalonia, Madrid or the Basque, in Spain there is always a lot to do. Besides the two important cities, Madrid and Barcelona, famous for their football clubs, the other famous cities to visit are Seville, Valencia, Granada, Malaga, and Bilbao.

2. Latvia

10 Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime - Latvia

This Balkan pearl is going through a renaissance stage after it came out of a communist regime. Infrastructure has been improved, and cities such as Riga, are undergoing major repairs.

Most tourists are particularly interested in the Latvian capital, but the true beauty of Latvia is found in the picturesque landscapes, with crystal clear lakes, emerald forests, and beaches.

Almost half of the country’s surface is made up of natural ecosystems, each of the four national parks being just as beautiful. Jurmala spa resort and Ventas Rumba waterfalls are among the tourist attractions not to be missed.

3. Poland

Even if in the last 2 centuries, Poland has gone through a rather hectic period, its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, and historical places have made tourists leave the place with a lot of interesting memories.
10 Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime - Poland
Despite the fact that Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is the most popular city in the country, tourists who limit themselves to only visiting it risk losing the other beauties of Poland. The main square in Krakow, the Old Square in Krakow, the Old Town of Gdansk, the Bialowieza Forest, but also the Lake District of Masuria are just some of the main tourist attractions in Poland that should not be bypassed.

4. Germany

Germany is one of the best countries to explore, but visiting it can have repercussions on your budget. However, the extraordinary food, the flawless beer, and the splendid landscapes make it worth every penny spent.
10 Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime - Germany

The country offers a variety of places to visit, from the green hills of Bavaria to the icy mountains of the Alps, from lively cities like Munich to quiet medieval towns like Tuebingen. Everywhere you look you will find enchanting castles and historical sites.
Besides the two famous cities, Munich and Berlin, other attractive places worth visiting are Heidelberg, Lubeck, Cologne, Leipzig, and Rugen Island. Meanwhile, the annual Munich festival, Oktoberfest, is an event not to be missed.

5. France

10 Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime - France
A trip to France is on everyone’s wish list, and more than likely this country deserves the interest of tourists. France uniquely attracts people from all over the world through its culture, famous wines, French cuisine, and its picturesque landscapes.

This land, famous for its champagne and cabaret shows, is probably the most romantic place on earth. Even if Paris attracts all the attention and the notion of romance is closely linked to this city, the country has much more to offer beyond the walls of Paris.

The Champagne and Bordeaux vineyards offer a special elegance to French wine and rural life. On the other hand, the French Riviera shows the luxury and charm of the country. Meanwhile, historic cities throughout France ensure a perfect knowledge of French culture.

6. Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

With its own culture, language, and specific cuisine, Portugal is the land of dazzlingly beautiful beaches, lively landscapes, and medieval villages. Its beauty has largely remained unaffected by the multitude of tourists who have visited it, unlike most European tourist destinations.

Portugal is a destination that will truly exceed the expectations of tourists. You can start by visiting the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, and then continue exploring the coastal cities, enjoying good wine, good food, and continuous parties.

The country’s landscapes are diverse, ranging from mountains, national parks, and vineyards in the north, to farms in the center of the country, or villages and beaches along the south coast. In addition, Portugal is a relatively cheap tourist destination, compared to other destinations in Europe.

7. Italy


The land of beautiful people and great food, Italy is a dream destination for tourists. This country really has a lot to offer, from nature and art to Italian cuisine and a warm climate. Even the most demanding tourists can be impressed by this destination.

There is no other country like Italy. It boasts stunning terraces and picturesque hills, accompanied by the traces of cultural history that is ubiquitous. Being the cradle of Roman civilization and the Renaissance, no place in Italy will disappoint, offering an unforgettable experience.

10 Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime - Italy
Besides Rome, the capital of Italy, other important places worth visiting are the canals of Venice, the architecture of Tuscany, and the beaches of Sicily. One thing is for sure, Italian cuisine is the best in the world, whether it is enjoyed in Rome or in rural Italy.

8. Greece

Greece may have gone through an economic crisis, but it still remains a superior tourist center, due to both cultural and historical relics and spectacular landscapes such as its beaches, mountains, and islands.
10 Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime - Greece

Greece has been endowed with natural beauty in every possible form. The greatness of the beauty of nature stretches from the Aegean Sea to the cloudy peak of Olympus. The historic capital of Greece, the lively Athens, may be the best-known place, but there are plenty of other equally beautiful places to visit. Among the places in Greece that should not be missed are Meteora, Santorini, Delphi, and Thessaloniki.

9. Switzerland

10 Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime - Switzerland

The landscapes of Switzerland can take the breath away of any tourist. The cities in this multilingual country are full of life, and the roads are excellent. Due to its small size and flawless facilities, it is not very difficult to visit most of the tourist attractions in Switzerland, given that they are somewhat close to each other. Switzerland is also one of the safest places to travel.

From the special resorts, the castles full of history and museums, to the natural wonders of the country, such as mountains, lakes, and forests, Switzerland comes to life at every step. Some of the best places to visit are Jungfrau, Montreux, and the Swiss National Park.

10. Romania

Romania is a wonderful land, rich in culture, history, and fascinating monuments. Visit the capital Bucharest and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Transylvania with its castles. Dracula’s Castle, Peles Castle, and their legends are a must. Relax on the golden beaches of the Black Sea, in Vama Veche and Mamaia, or explore the magnificent Danube Delta.
10 Countries In Europe You Must See at Least Once In A Lifetime - Romania

Head towards Bucovina and admire its painted monasteries, reach Maramures with its towering wooden churches, take a step back in time by visiting the cities of Sighisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, and Timisoara, let yourself be fascinated by the art museums and the churches, or get lost in the unique views from the Transfagarasan road, one of the most spectacular routes in the world. In many corners of Romania time seems to stand still and here the traditions, customs, and rich folklore will enchant you!

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