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Almost everyone has a dream vacation they’ve been putting off, one that’s been on their to-do list since they were kids. Right? Then why haven’t we seen you around? Our lovely blue planet has a lot to offer, so we’ve put up a few recommendations for the most memorable journeys of your life.

1. Take a voyage on a tiny ship to Croatia.

Croatia boat trip
This country is known for its luxurious tiny ships, which can nip into hidden harbors while accommodating kayaks, books, and private bathrooms. Most go on a sun-kissed tour through islands that are seldom visited by bigger ships – more than 1,200 available. The Kvarner Gulf is a good example. In the vicinity of Losinj, you’ll find an incredible variety of islands, waterways, and snorkeling places.

2. To get to Venice, take the Orient Express.

Orient Express To Venice
From Paris to Istanbul, the luxury train was formerly a standard mode of transportation for the Balkan royal family, Bulgarian assassins, and Agatha Christie. Men are still encouraged to dress up as Hercule Poirot while traveling on the Orient Express in its present version. The Belmond British Pullman takes travelers from London to Calais, where vintage carriages recovered from the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits pick them up for a sumptuous nighttime train excursion around Europe in the 1920s.

3. Take a sip of Porto when you are in Porto.

Porto Wine Tour
Most prominent port brands have been shipping barrels into the Atlantic Ocean from the Porto dockside, a Unesco world historical site. Each warehouse now provides a custom sampling of vintages dating back 10, 20, and 30 years. Even fada music performances, art displays, and cheese tastings may be held simultaneously. The Douro River may be seen from the comfort of a train or cruise ship as it winds its way through the region’s vineyards. Until the 1960s, port barrels were transported back to Porto by train and waterway.

4. Inquire about a culinary course in Italy.

Italian culinary course
On a sunny morning in Italy, rolling your pasta or stirring a luscious passata di Pomodoro is a pastoral fantasy. Luckily, there are a lot of chefs who can teach pupils how to create traditional Italian desserts like panna cotta and sfogliatella in every Italian region from Tuscany to Puglia. The best part? Inns and villas with organic orchards and a generous supply of local wine are the standards for Italian culinary classes.

5. Take an adult interrailing vacation.

Interrailing trip
Since the introduction of the Interrail Pass for under-21s in 1972, a lot has changed. It’s a unique experience for mature gappers, with adult and subsidized senior tickets and unrestricted train travel throughout 30 European countries. Many first-time travelers go all out, planning routes that take them from Istanbul to northern Norway through the Atlantic coasts of Portugal. They risk everything. Traveling in Italy or Spain, for example, might be more leisurely with a single country pass, which provides access to the local culture for three to thirty days.

5.Try your luck at the Palio.

In A Quantum of Solace, Siena’s Palio provided the perfect setting for James Bond. Seventeen of the city’s historic districts compete in this one-of-a-kind horse race (Contrada). There is no more incredible view of the Palio than from an apartment balcony located on the Piazzo’s trackside. Don’t be hesitant to question a local if you don’t understand what’s going on in the race.

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