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Choosing a place to party with the bridesmaids might be more stressful than organizing the wedding or honeymoon. What is your opinion? Do something special that the bride enjoys. Here are 7 excellent bachelorette trip ideas for every kind of bride-to-be, whether relaxing by the pool, enjoying a glass of wine, or getting her groove on at a club.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czesch Republic
We recommend that you begin your European adventure in Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, rather than in Paris. A party city that should be more known, Prague is still a beer lover’s mecca. Prague’s streets are ideal for late-night drinking, dancing, and partying and are sure to become the subject of many a jealous Instagram posts. Prague, one of Europe’s preeminent cultural hubs, is a city full of fascinating and entertaining events. So, be on the lookout for cultural events the city could host.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Next, visit the infamous Sin City. Even though the nightlife gives Amsterdam its reputation, it has much more to offer than the moniker suggests. Amsterdam is well-known for its wild nightlife, but it’s also home to several impressive cultural landmarks designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Your party of ladies is in for a real treat in Amsterdam, with its numerous theaters, museums, galleries, etc., if you’re into the arts, culture, and history.

3. Paris, France

Paris, France
The City of Love. The French capital is the best place for a “cool” stag or hen party. The vacation to the metropolis may include a stop at Disneyland, perhaps.

4. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza, Spain
Jump on a plane from Paris’s opulence to Ibiza’s nonstop celebrations. Get away from boring land and join some wild ship parties. You will discover a lot of cruise parties to pick from in this area that never sleeps. You may sip Pina Coladas while soaking up some vitamin sea or dance the night away at one of Ibiza’s many clubs, such as Benimussa Park, Destino, Dc-10, or Amnesia, among many others.

5. Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, Italy
Under the Tuscan sun is the perfect place to wrap out your bachelorette vacation. Although the country’s famed cuisine (pasta, cheese, and wine) would be enough to entice you, Italy’s Renaissance art and literature are also significant draws. The museums, basilicas, wineries, Apennine mountains, olive groves, and beaches of Tuscany are perfect for lying low and pondering the future.

6. Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca, Spain

Naturally, Mallorca is plenty of fun places to hang out. You may travel to the Ballermann to celebrate for 48 hours simply partying. Alternatively, the group may choose between a shopping and partying excursion in Palma or a journey to one of Mallorca’s more tranquil regions.

Mallorca’s most picturesque city is nestled amid the island’s mountains. Sóller is the ideal city on the island, but once you arrive, you’ll see that for yourself. Due to the abundance of narrow alleys, tourism is light even during the high season.

7. Milan, Italy

Milan, Italy
Many people consider Milan to be the fashion capital of Italy due to its abundance of high-end design stores. However, there is a lot more to learn about this place. Most crucially, a flight on Ryanair to Bergamo costs less than ten euros, and a bus ride from there to Milan takes just forty minutes and costs only five euros. The student town of Bergamo is well worth a day trip.

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