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Images of roofs from the Middle centuries, picturesque canals, delectable beer, and even more decadent chocolates come to mind when considering Belgian destinations. However, tourists can see a lot in this beautiful European nation, where the passage of time appears to have slowed down, and the locals are kind and hospitable to travelers. There is something for everyone to enjoy on holiday in Belgium‘s top locations, from contemporary cities that include designer boutiques and glitzy galleries to cobblestone lanes that are full of museums and local pleasures.

1. Mons

Belgian Destinations: Mons, Belgium

Mons, the capital of the region of Hainaut, is perhaps most notable for the enchanting and unexpected tolling of the town’s majestic Belfry bells, which originate from the tower 80 meters (270 feet) in height. Visitors can easily navigate the city attractions, which have an eclectic assortment of architectural styles, thanks to the winding streets. The Gothic-style Mons Town Hall and the Collegiate Church of Sainte-Waudru in Mons, known for its outstanding collection of Jacques Du Broeucq alabaster sculptures from the 16th century, are captivating architectural features. A trip to the Van Gogh House should be on everyone’s itinerary, where incredible copies of the artist’s paintings are displayed.

2. Dinant

Belgian Destinations: Dinant, Belgium

Just 65 kilometers south of the nation’s capital is where you’ll find this city in the province of Namur, along the glistening Meuse River, one more of our gorgeous belgian destinations. This area has natural attractions, including the Grotto of Dinant and the Caves of Han. These caverns are among the biggest and most beautiful in all of Europe. Tourists can find them inside a Wildlife Reserve home to a myriad array of natural plants and animals. Despite being  rebuilt after a landslide, the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame, which serves as the city’s landmark, continues to be exceptional. The locals have also repaired The Citadel, which serves as a watchtower for the city. Most Dinant’s sanctuaries need appointments to get entry. However, the Sanctuary of Beauraing is available daily.

3. Ardennes

Belgian Destinations: Ardennes, Belgium

Visitors of belgian destinations interested in activities such as hiking, bicycling, and camping should travel to the rough hills of the Ardennes, known for their dense woods, caverns, and cliffs. In addition to housing wild boars, deer, and lynxes, these mountains conceal several hospitable towns, many castles, and a few more interesting places to visit. Some of the most recommended attractions are the magnificent caverns of Han-sur-Lesse, the Château of Bouillon, and the contemporary Labyrinth of Barvaux. In addition to serving as an excellent home base for excursions into the Ardennes, Namur has several interesting places to see in its own right.

4. Bruges

Belgian Destinations: Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is one of the medieval cities in Europe that locals kept the best and qualifies for the greatest belgian destinations. Most people know it for its old-world charm and romantic ambiance. Tourists can find Bruges in the northwest of Belgium, and it was formerly an important hub for Flemish art and textiles. Still, travelers recognize it mostly for the lovely canals around the city.

Although it is the biggest city in the province of West Flanders, Bruges is nonetheless manageable on foot and tourists may explore it easily. The picture-perfect Old Town of Bruges is the city’s most popular tourist destination. The historic district is overflowing with stunning old architecture, including Romanesque and Gothic assemblies like the Church of Our Lady, which houses a sculpture by Michelangelo, and the Basilica of the Holy Blood, which contends to possess a vial of blood from Jesus Christ. The historic district is surrounded by picturesque canals and medieval walls.



5. Anvers (Antwerp)

Belgian Destinations: Anvers, Belgium

Antwerp is a city that has a lot of different aspects to it. It is a highly lively city, giving the right combination of history and present-day contemporary life. Although it may not be as historically conserved as Bruges or Ghent, it is nevertheless a beautiful city. This city is most notable for the Diamond District, where more than 70 percent of the world’s raw diamonds are exchanged. It is also a popular destination for those who like excellent cuisine, wonderful beer, and good times. There is a wealth of art tourists can find in Antwerp, including the Revenshuis, which organizers dedicated to the baroque works of Peter Paul Rubens, and the Plantin Moretus Museum, which was the residence of the printer and bookbinder Christoffel Plantin. 

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