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To obtain the most value for your money on holiday, you should arrange your excursions around the year when hotel costs are at their lowest.

By combining these two strategies, you’ll be able to save a significant sum of money, even for a short family vacation. If you plan well, you may save up to 56% on hotels in big international cities like London and Rome. Here’s a month-by-month breakdown of the best vacation discounts available.

1. January: Barcelona

Brcelona, Spain

Visiting Europe for under $400 in January is a rarity, but we found one where everyone had a good time, whether they’re going alone or in a group.

You won’t find a more diversified and culturally rich city in Spain than Barcelona. The cuisine at Boqueria Market is a must-see. Ensure this is at the top of your priority list. Exotic fruits, unique spices, and local delicacies may all be found in the market on Las Ramblas.

Visiting Antoni Gaud’s piece of art should also be on your itinerary. The building has been underway for more than 100 years at Barcelona’s Sagrada Familà. It’s one of Europe’s most aesthetically magnificent structures.

2. February: Tenerife

Tenerife, Spain

Look no farther than the Canary Islands if you’re seeking a warm European getaway in February. Located off the coast of Morocco, these Spanish islands provide “Europe’s” only winter beach weather. Choosing Tenerife is a no-brainer for many since it is the most oversized island and popular among English-speaking tourists.

However, there is a volcano to be seen in Tenerife’s southernmost region. During the day, Tenerife visitors choose to relax on the beach or in the sun, and at night they enjoy a drink and supper. Compared to the rest of Europe, prices are pretty low, and flights from major European cities are inexpensive.

3. March: Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia

This time of year, Belgrade has a wide variety of musical events, including rock, pop, jazz, and classical music. There will be three significant works by Borodin, Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev performed by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra on March 1st.

There will be an Educational Fair and an International Motor Show in Belgrade in March, which is a hectic month for the city. Every one of you will find something to like! Young people will have the chance to engage in debates and discussions on a broad range of themes at the International Youth Conference, which will take place from March 13th to 17.

4. April: Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Besides being the trendiest city in the Nordics, Copenhagen is also often named the world’s happiest place. From architecture and interior design to fashion and gastronomy, Copenhagen has become renowned for its impeccable taste.

Copenhagen has a tourist crush from May to October when the city is at its busiest. In April, you’ll save 38% on your hotel accommodation, plus you won’t have to struggle with the frigid weather of Scandinavia.

5. May: London

London, UK
There’s something for everyone in London, from history and culture to excellent dining and fun. London is a world metropolis, and as such, it’s never going to be cheap, but if you travel after May Day, you’ll find it surprisingly affordable (the bank holiday falls on May 2nd this year). The following week’s average nightly rate is $216.

6. June: Florence

Florence, Italy

A peak month for tourists, June in Florence isn’t so horrible that you shouldn’t plan a trip to Italy during the summer months. One of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence is an excellent starting point for day trips across central Italy. A short rail journey will get you to Pisa or Siena, and the Cinque Terre is a popular day excursion from the Tuscan city of Florence.

Hotels in Florence are less expensive than those in Rome and Venice, making it an excellent spot to slow down during your Italy vacation. As the capital of Tuscany and one of Italy’s most renowned culinary destinations, Florence should be on your itinerary.

7. July: Madeira

Madeira, Portugal

At 24°C during the daytime, July is one of the warmest months in Portugal. However, if you’re looking for a bit of sun, Madeira’s Portuguese islands and the Azores in the North Atlantic are perfect choices.

It’s little surprise that Madeira has been dubbed “the Floating Garden of the Atlantic.” Pride of Madeira, a shrub with purple cone blossoms, is indigenous to the island, although magnolias, red hot poker trees, and hydrangeas bloom in July. Especially in Sete Cidades near Lake Azul, hydrangeas are also quite popular in the Azores.

8. August: Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Anyone interested in experiencing Berlin’s lively culture, cutting-edge architecture, delicious cuisine, intense parties, and palpable history will be enthralled by the city’s splendor and roughness.

We propose the Hotel Zoo, a modern hotel with big and cheap rooms situated adjacent to—you guessed it—the Berlin Zoological Garden for a beautiful hotel bargain all year long. The best time to book a hotel in August, when prices are approximately $100.

9. September: Rome

Rome, Italy
Italy’s Eternal City is one of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating capitals, a heady combination of melancholy views, awe-inspiring art, and bustling street life. September is the most fantastic time of year to explore the ever romantic city of Rome. There are fewer tourists in the city now that many Europeans have gone on vacation for the summer, so it is back to business. That equates to excellent value, in the lines of $131 per night for four-star hotels.

10. October: Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey
While the weather in Istanbul might turn a little chilly around the end of October, it’s still a great time to visit. While the weather isn’t ideal, it’s still pleasant enough to travel in. The summer crowds have dwindled significantly, and hotel rates have also come down from their high levels. Despite Turkey’s continued safety, tourism has declined in recent years, making it simpler to locate cheap hotels.

11. November: Seville

Seville, Spain
To get the best bargain on Seville in November, you’ll have to put up with a bit of mist. It’s a reasonable trade-off, given that you won’t have to deal with huge crowds and still be able to see the things in Seville. From the minute they set foot on its cobblestone streets dotted with ancient street lights, culture vultures will fall in love with this captivating city.

12. December: Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is a city that is full of contrasting styles and atmospheres. In a metropolis with some of Europe’s tallest and most avant-garde skyscrapers and well-preserved historic structures, wealthy bankers, students, and granola dropouts coexist.

The first two weeks of December in Frankfurt are stunning because of the Christmas markets and holiday decorations. They’re also the cheapest in terms of hotels, with four-star hotels costing roughly $112 per night, 56 percent less than their peak.

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