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When you say or hear „Spain” you instantly think of one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Spain is famous for its charming beaches, delicious food with Mediterranean flavors, but also for its big cities like Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia. Even though these are the first cities you’d book a flight towards, let us first present to you a list of what we think are the most beautiful, lesser-known cities from the homeland of passion and soap operas.

1. Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain
Malaga is the classic destination for a successful vacation. The city with a mild climate, with 300 sunny days a year, with fortresses, castles, cathedrals, orange aromas, free parrots, and Arab influences is the perfect getaway in any season.
The relief is not a negligible aspect either, as Malaga is beautifully surrounded by mountains and the two rivers that flow into the Mediterranean Sea, Guadalmedina and Guadalhorce.

2. Casares , Andalusia

Casares, Spain
Only 15 km from Malaga, you enter a completely different world: the town of Casares greets you with its white houses, perched on steep and narrow streets, in a typical Andalusian style. You can’t help but to stare or take a photo, because its beauty is breathtaking and can’t be explained, only enjoyed. All you have to do is walk through to discover its treasures.

3. Besalu, Catalonia

Besalu, Catalonia, Spain
Catalans are very proud of their history, which you will feel if you walk the winding streets of Besalu, in the province of Girona. Crossing the 12th-century bridge that stretches over the river Fluvia, you have the feeling that you have gone back in time. The medieval city greets you with incredible tranquility. If you arrive in Spain, more precisely in Catalonia, you should not miss a visit to Besalu, for a different experience. Here you totally break away from the hustle and bustle of big and hectic cities.

4. Ronda, Andalusia

Ronda, Andalusia
Ronda is one of the most famous small towns in Spain, being located in the mountainous Serrania de Ronda, 113 km from Malaga. It is the position in which this city is located that makes it a special place: it is located in the heart of the mountains and offers a spectacular view.
Ronda, Andalusia, Spain
The charming town is crossed by the Guadalevin River, which divides it in two, thus forming the El Tajo canyon, which has a depth of over 100 m. Like Casares, in Ronda predominates white houses, influenced by Moorish architecture.

5. Sevilla, Spain

Seville, Spain

Sevilla, along with Cordoba and Granada, is part of the most famous trio of cities in Andalusia. You will definitely love it. It is said to be a monument of exoticism.

It is a very important city in the history of Spain, with many churches and monasteries that evoke the Golden Age. Visiting Sevilla, you will discover the richest historical and architectural heritage, but at the same time, you will learn more about Spanish life, you will learn about flamenco and you will definitely enjoy tapas or sangria.

Sevilla is an ideal city for a romantic getaway for two or for an escapade with friends. It is the sunniest city in Europe, evoking images of medieval castles and alleys, with sunny squares and orange blossoms, passing through the art of flamenco.

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