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One of the best ways to relax and rediscover while on vacation is to visit one of Europe’s top 7 slow cities. Cittaslow, a movement of slow cities that celebrates the “dolce vita,” began in Italy in 1999, in case you were unaware. Since then, numerous European towns have joined the party that honors life’s simple, natural pleasures.

1. Silly, Belgium

This place has old-world villages, lush valleys, and open fields. The town of Silly is well-known for its laid-back atmosphere and carefree inhabitants. The town’s medieval castles and churches provide beautiful backdrops to this French-speaking community’s many bike lanes and hiking trails.

The significance of history and tradition is a hallmark of Silly’s status as a slow city. The center of Silly is a castle, and the town sprawls out from there into stone lanes and woodlands. Far from the dangers of modern life, the past is obscured by a thicket of visitors.

2. Midden-Delfland, The Netherlands

Midden-Delfland is the first Dutch slow city between Rotterdam and The Hague, two of the most visited destinations in the Netherlands. This charming, green enclave in the Netherlands was the country’s first to regain the moniker of “Slow City.”

If you’re searching for peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of Rotterdam, Midden-Delfland is the place to go. Visitors to this quiet city may go on horseback rides around the countryside and sample the local cheese, honey, and wine. In this manner, visitors to Midden-Delfland may get insight into the local culture, see sustainability in action, and return home as knowledgeable advocates for green tourism.

3. Cortona, Tuscany

Cortona, Italy, nestled amid the rolling hills of Tuscany, epitomizes the concept of a “slow city” in Europe. You may be sleeping amid the vineyards of the Chiana Valley, overlooking Lake Trasimeno, or in the open air of Tuscany. Stunning natural beauty may be found only two hours from Florence, one of Italy’s most visited cities.

In this way, while Cortona and its neighbors are pretty close in the distance, the former has a very distinct atmosphere from the latter. The city’s ancient Etruscan fortifications and way of life may be explored in the city’s winding lanes, which are protected by massive Roman city walls.

4. Enns, Austria

Ancient woodlands conceal Austria’s oldest settlement. A historic city, Enns is the essence of a sluggish city, hiding behind Renaissance and Baroque facades, a tower, and strong fortifications. Enns’s residents can preserve their tranquil village because it is well-protected from the pressures of the outside world.

Therefore, Enns is an excellent vacation spot if you’re seeking peace and quiet. A journey isn’t complete without a picnic on a sunny day next to the Danube. Heaven on earth awaits you in Upper Austria’s metropolis.

5. Biskupiec, Poland

Biskupiec, Poland, is a beautiful city in the Masurian Lake District that values maintaining a slower pace of life. Biskupiec’s commitment to life, health, and the environment are evident in the city’s preservation of the natural world surrounding its lakes, in stark contrast to the fast-paced urban culture of the rest of the country.

In addition, Zatorze, Biskupiec’s cultural hub, is a must-see. By doing so, you may get a deeper understanding of the city’s goals and the methods it uses to preserve its slow pace of life. To top it all off, Biskupiec is home to numerous fantastic cafés and pubs, perfect for sampling the region’s food.

6. Abbiategrasso, Italy

A little town called Abbiatergrasso in the stunning Ticino Valley is one of Italy’s many undiscovered treasures. Abbiatergrasso is just 22 kilometers from Milan, the world’s fashion center, and a member of the slow cities’ movement. Abbiatergrasso in the Ticino valley nature reserve is a tranquil retreat from Milan.

The chirping of birds isn’t the only attraction for tourists; a castle and several churches also await there. Abbiatergrasso’s picturesque riverside homes are another great destination for a day trip. Abbiatergrasso’s sedate pace of life, reflected in its scenic landscape, is ideal for producing high-quality items like the world-famous Gorgonzola cheese.

7. Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary

Hodmezovasarhely is another of Europe’s top 7 sluggish cities. The city’s open-air spa is fed natural thermal water from the surrounding mountains. Visitors from all over the nation go to this natural beauty to enjoy its tranquil waters. Hodmezovasarhely is also rich in historical and cultural attractions, including several noteworthy churches, museums, parks, and monuments.

However, Koros-Maros National Park is not far away, so those who want a more enchanting experience in the great outdoors may do so with little trouble. It’s close enough to walk there with a picnic basket in tow for an unforgettable meal among the chamomile flowers.

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