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Easter is a significant holiday for children in Europe. They have heard that Rome is the starting point for hundreds of enormous bells carrying chocolate eggs that travel around Europe to deposit their eggs in different countries. A myth claims that if you pull a funny face when the bells are in the sky directly over your head, you will be cursed with a funny face for the rest of your life.

Easter in Europe coincides with the return of bright days, the blooming of flowers, and the beginning of longer, warmer days. Spend your Easter vacation in some of Europe’s most beautiful places.

1. Craiova, Romania

Craiova, Romania

When spring arrives in Craiova, the city is in full bloom. Once upon a time, Craiova was regarded as the center of the Romanian aristocracy in the country’s southern region. Nowadays, Craiova has some of the most stunning scenery and spectacular flora in its parks, gardens, and public places. Numerous initiatives for urban revitalization are now being carried out at the Botanical Garden, Nicolae Romanescu Park, and the principal boulevards in Craiova during the winter and spring seasons, respectively.

Romanescu Park, one of the biggest parks in Europe and regarded among the most attractive city parks in Europe, is home to hundreds of thousands of stunningly gorgeous and vibrant tulips and various other types of flowers. At the beginning of the 20th century, French architect Édouard Redont was responsible for designing Romanescu Park. In 1900, the park was awarded the gold medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition for its outstanding design. It is situated in the southern section of Craiova and has a total area of around one hundred hectares. The overabundance of flora encircles everything, including significant reliefs, alleys, springs, water mirrors, waterfalls, a lovely castle, a suspended bridge, the hippodrome, a velodrome, a pier, and a zoo. All of these features can be found inside the park. A cake store featuring pastries in the shape of animals or frosted with pictures of animals will open this year within the zoo as a new attraction for children and visitors. This new attraction is going to be called Zoofetaria.

2. Vienna, Austria

Wien, Austria

The number of tourists visiting Vienna annually places it in Europe’s top 10 most popular tourist destinations. The city of Vienna is warm and secure. The city is like an outdoor museum where different cultures and histories collide. You may visit the Schönbrunn Palace, listen to Mozart’s piano concertos in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, or just walk around one of the city’s numerous Easter markets. All of these activities are available in Vienna. In Vienna, you may choose between three different Easter marketplaces.

3. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

In the recent past, Zagreb has emerged as one of the most hips and happening places to visit in all of Europe. With Europe’s most significant Christmas market, it is the ideal location for a city vacation during winter. Spend Easter shopping and enjoy the gorgeous terraces and parks in the area.

Zagreb is where you celebrate Easter if you want to see enormous eggs elaborately adorned. You are going to be blown away by its creativity and allure. Check out the many activities they have to offer and book your guided tours and excursions as well as your hotel, guesthouse, B&B, or apartment at the lowest price in Zagreb. If you are unsure what to do during your stay in Zagreb, check out our many activities.

4. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Rome is, without a doubt, the most appropriate location for Easter celebrations in the Catholic faith. Italy, home to the Vatican City State, is recognized as one of the most Catholic nations in Europe. It should be no surprise that Easter is celebrated in this place with the same zeal as Christmas.

The majority of museums are closed on Sunday and Easter Monday. Still, the churches that are open throughout Easter are packed with worshippers. Enjoy your chance to visit Rome and see sights like the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps.

As expected, restaurants and a significant number of stores in Rome are operating for the Easter holiday. Find the finest tours and activities in Rome, and plan a beautiful vacation in Italy’s capital by reserving your room at the Rome hotel, B&B, guesthouse, or apartment with the lowest rate.

5. Valletta, Malta

Valetta, Malta

A visit to Malta at Easter is an absolute need. Malta, particularly Valletta, are lovely places to visit for anyone who wants to celebrate Easter more traditionally. Maltese families traditionally get together on the Monday after Easter, and chocolate eggs are given to the children.

If you and your family like viewing dolphins over the Easter holiday, consider celebrating on the island of Gozo, just a few kilometers away. Find the right place to stay on the island of Malta, whether it be a hotel, apartment, guesthouse, or bed and breakfast, at the most incredible price guaranteed, and then schedule the most exciting activities and excursions that this beautiful island has to offer.

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