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The natural pools of Porto Moniz, Madeira, are among the finest and most well-known in the world. The Porto Moniz, natural swimming pools are conveniently close to the Madeira Aquarium and the Ciência Viva Centre, two other prominent attractions on the island.

Thousands of tourists visit Madeira annually, especially Porto Moniz, to enjoy the island’s breathtaking scenery and unwind at the interesting beach complex.

When to see natural lava lakes at their best

Natural Lava pOOLS

The year-round water temperature in the lava pools in Porto Muniz is a comfortable 68 to 69.8 degrees Fahrenheit (20 to 21 degrees Celsius). Depending on your tolerance level, the volcanic pools may be enjoyed year-round for sitting, lounging, or swimming.

Colder water temperatures are possible in the winter. Some people may find the colder air and cooler waters to be unpleasant. However, fewer people will be there in the winter since it is the off-season. If you plan on visiting the pools throughout the winter, you’ll get the most out of them in the afternoon.

Summer, and particularly August, is when the weather is most pleasant for swimming in the natural lava pools in Porto Moniz. Due to Madeira’s popularity as a summer vacation spot, the lava pools tend to be swarmed by visitors. If you want to avoid the crowds in the summer, your best bet is to be there as soon as they open at 9 a.m. The place starts to fill up at about 11 a.m.

It’s recommended to avoid the lava pools on weekends and national holidays if you want to get the most out of your visit.

Instructions for reaching the Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools.

Madeira, Portugal

Located west of Santana and Machico and north-northwest of Funchal, Porto Moniz is a tiny seaside village on the island of Madeira. Porto Moniz is 49 kilometers (30.44 miles) from Madeira’s city. The natural volcanic pools may be reached by various methods, including private vehicles and public transportation.

The natural pools at Porto Moniz may be reached quickly and easily by automobile. One way to explore more of the island at your own pace is to rent a vehicle and drive about. The trip from Funchal to the swimming areas will take around fifty minutes.

Any parking locations around the lava pools will do once you get there. There are parking meters that accept cash and credit cards near the blue lines that indicate paid parking. Parking costs $5 per day.

Traveling to Porto Muniz by bus may be a tiresome and time-consuming ordeal. Once a day at 10 a.m., Funchal’s “Carreira n° 80,” operated by Rodoeste, will depart for the city of Mafra. Due to the several stops, getting to Porto Muniz takes around 3 hours and 15 minutes.

On the weekends, the bus makes fewer stops, so the trip to the pools only takes half an hour. The trip return takes around 3 hours and 20 minutes (or 2 hours and 20 minutes on the weekends), leaving at 4 p.m.

The bus ride to the natural lava pools in Porto Moniz costs just $7, and it drops you off right at the pool entrance.

Is it heated in the Lava pools?

Natural Lava Pools, Madeira

Porto Muniz’s lava lakes have developed naturally throughout millennia. Pool temperatures would be about the same as the ocean’s since the pools are naturally filled with ocean water.

If you’re trying to beat the cold, this may not be the best pool to swim in. The natural lava ponds at Porto Moniz have an average water temperature of 68–69.8 degrees Fahrenheit (20–21 degrees Celsius). In other words, it’s chilly yet bearable, depending on who you ask. The number of people who swim in outdoor pools throughout the winter is astounding.

Authentic Madeira Water from Aqua Natura

Natural Lava Pools, Madeira, Portugal

Checking into the Aqua Natura Madeira Hotel, Madeira’s premier hot springs resort is a must. The 4-star hotel overlooking the lava pools has a heated jacuzzi and a sauna for guests. You may indulge in a relaxing massage on your balcony overlooking the natural pools.

The hotel’s 25 rooms, which face the pools and the ocean, are among the best in the area. A restaurant with a beautiful view may make even eating out a pleasure.

Guests may easily access the nearby Madeira Aquarium for daily tours and marine activities like scuba diving with sharks, rays, and moray eels.

Beautiful scenery, quaint villages, and lava rock pools are what Madeira is all about. The island’s natural lava pools are among the many attractions visitors must see.

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