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Do you hope to take a trip to Europe in spring? Suppose you’re looking for a place to spend your spring break in Europe. In that case, this is the most fantastic resource you’ll find, including countries like Italy and France, and more besides.

Spring in Europe is a great time to visit since the temperature is pleasant and fewer visitors are in significant cities.

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Travel To Europe

Here are some of Europe’s most spectacular springtime travel sites to add to your list of must-sees. The destinations below are perfect for a spring city trip or an action-packed getaway.

1. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France

Springtime is beautiful in Strasbourg. The capital of Alsace and the Grand Est region in Eastern France, not far from the border with Germany, is home to stunning buildings, fascinating museums, and a wide variety of comfortable lodging options.

Also, day excursions from Strasbourg may take you to the quaint towns of Alsace and other neighboring attractions. Before the heat of June sets in, the springtime in Strasbourg is perfect. Additionally, the city is less crowded in the spring than in the summer.

2. Provence, France

Provence, France

One of the top European spring vacation destinations is the Provence area in the south of France. Why? The reason is that there are often short, cloudless days with just the right amount of warmth. Lack of summer visitors. The blossoming of wildflowers. There don’t seem to be any downsides.

There’s something for everyone in Provence. Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, and Nice are excellent jumping-off points for seeing the rest of Provence and will please city people. Visitors interested in seeing Roman-era ruins will find their way to Avignon and Arles. Fans of Mediterranean food, such as ratatouille and bouillabaisse, will not be disappointed.

Hikers in the Alps and equestrians in the Camargue will like this region’s variety of outdoor pursuits. Fans of water sports will not be disappointed: the Mediterranean Sea is a hotspot for scuba diving, kiteboarding, and sailing, while various rivers and lakes, such as the Verdon Gorge, provide opportunities for white-water rafting and kayaking.

3. Crete, Greece

Crete, Greece

Springtime in Crete is a magical time to visit this beautiful island. Colorful wildflowers carpet the mountains and fields. The temperature is pleasant for going outside and taking in the sights without becoming oppressive. The island is home to several fascinating sights, like the historic city of Knossos.

Easter in Crete is a time for unique celebrations, with roasted lamb, decorated eggs, and Easter pastries as staples. Rather than tourists, residents fill the taverns and restaurants in Chania and Rethymnon at this time.

Outdoor activities in Crete’s beautiful springtime landscape are highly recommended. The island is home to numerous stunning gorges and other hiking destinations. However, they are best experienced when the weather is cooler.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, formerly the imperial capital of the Holy Roman Empire, has a rich history that dates back millennia. Istanbul is a cosmopolitan metropolis that blends Eastern and Western cultures in its characteristic Ottoman architecture, ancient mosques and cathedrals, and trendy eateries and nightclubs.

Visit the city in the spring to enjoy its parks full of blooming flowers, nice weather (not as hot and humid as it becomes later in the summer), and fewer crowds at the city’s top tourist destinations. The gardens of Topkapi Palace, not to mention the world-famous Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, are picture-perfect and spectacular at this time of year.

The Grand Bazaar is one of the most visited places in the world, so you shouldn’t miss it while in the city. Many shops will still be open and busy even during the shoulder seasons. In addition, the neighboring Spice Bazaar, which sells various spices and other culinary goods, is a sight to see. Avoid the Spice Bazaar in the days leading up to the event, as it will likely be swarmed with festival goers. Otherwise, tourists of any age will have a fantastic time here.

5. Matera, Italy

Matera, Italy

Matera, and all of Southern Italy, is a great spot to visit in the spring. The permanent settlement there dates back to the Paleolithic era, making it one of the oldest towns. The fantastic Sassi, whole neighborhoods of cave dwellings cut into the calcareous rock, are Matera’s claim to fame.

Matera has a lot of fun activities, and springtime is a great time to come since it is dry, sunny, and not too hot, making it ideal for outdoor pursuits like walking and hiking.

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