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When it comes to Romania, we know about the abundance of tourist resources that live on the expanse of this beautiful country, homeland to amazing people, traditions, and folklore. Not without patriotic pride, we learned that we have many mountains, beaches, history, and practices to fill entire libraries, hot springs, castles and cities of international fame, lush flora, and fauna as much as is possible.

1. Horse Waterfall, Rodna Mountains, Maramures County, Romania

Cascada Cailor, Romania

At a stone’s throw from the Borsa resort is the waters that the snow and the rains diligently gather in a glacial circus, being reflected and dispersing with all the momentum over the Horse Bridge. What does water manage to do in its vortex? It manages to give birth to the largest waterfall on the expanse of Romania, which, viewed from below to the height of its 90 meters, seems as if the sky has opened and throws silver streams from there over the defenseless Earth.

2. Saint Anne Lake and Tinovul Mohos, Harghita County

St. Anne Lake, Romania

Once you get here, you will be able to bathe in the only volcanic lake in Central Europe, located at an altitude of almost 1000 meters, because if you know what we are talking about, you will know we are right when we say that a trip to Szeklerland is equivalent to a journey across the border.

Meditate at the water’s edge, read a book, have a picnic, or engage in inevitable discussions about how beautiful the country is, but get to the shores of Lake St. Anne as soon as possible. You will find an impeccable organization, a preserved nature, a lake surface that you can cross by boat or swimming, and, only a few kilometers away, Tinovul Mohos is waiting for you to explore it, for the amount of only 6 RON, equivalent to approximatively one euro and a few cents.

3. The Danube Delta, Romania

Danube, Romania
Whether you have visited the delta or not, the image of pelicans living freely and water lilies floating proudly on the expanse of water certainly spoils your imagination. A walk of a few hours in the cradle of the waves and on the arms of the Danube is exactly the drop of water that touches the sand of the desert of a city soul, too often exhausted by the spiritual deprivations imposed by a suffocating city.
Danube Delta, Romania
If you think that the 5-hour route on the canals of the great river is too long, we promise you that at the end of it you will have wanted it to end no sooner than your entire holiday. Don’t be surprised if you wake up wondering how that wild universe and office buildings can belong to the same world.

4. Transfagarasan Road

Transfagarasan, Romania
It is a wild road, despite being conquered by man, where the steep mountain form blends harmoniously with the road, and the valley offers landscapes that make a home out of any soul.
Transfagarasan road, Romania
The mountain runs down the valley, but you can stop serenely on the side of the road to admire the fullness and breath the sweet mountain air.

5. Sighisoara, Mures County, Romania

Sighisoara, Romania

Maybe the Middle Ages were accused of many atrocities, even called the “Dark Ages,” but we know that Romania is left with many treasures from this period. Sighisoara is one of them because it is not without reason that this medieval fortress, full of towers, bore the title of “pearl of Transylvania.”

Located on the shores of Târnava Mare, today it only showcases 9 of the 14 Craftsmen’s Towers. If you have not yet seen Sighisoara, the first impression will be that you were teleported in a story from the Middle Ages and that, from time to time, a knight on horseback dressed in steel armor can cut your way. The sensation will gain more and more power as you seek to visit the Clock Tower, considered the main tourist attraction that houses, among others, the Hall of Arms and the Torture Chamber.

Sighisoara, Romania

You will find that this is one of the cities where, hundreds of years ago, women were burned at stake on charges of witchcraft, robbers have gotten their hands cut off, and the wicked were mocked by the crowd in Central Square. At the top of the Clock Tower, around the railing, are noted the exact distances to the largest capitals in the world and their direction. But who cares how it is elsewhere when, looking up, you see the gathering of colorful, picturesque houses protected by reddish tile roofs.

6. Peles castle, Prahova County, Romania

Peles castle, Prahova County
You can’t help but be overwhelmed by the way in which absolutely all the details (from every corner of the furniture to the golden threads of the fabrics) are thought of under the tutelage of the most meticulous artistic mastery. Words are superfluous in the face of such a royal treasure. If you ever find yourself in Romania, Peles Castle must absolutely be a priority on your bucket list.

7. God's Bridge, Mehedinti County, Romania

God's Bridge, Mehedinți County

Shades of green – varnish, emerald green, electric green, olive green, khaki green -, forms carved in limestone, traditions dressed in white, traditional clothes, sewn with red thread and legends. Legends told from generation to generation, stories that give the place even more charm.

A stone’s throw away, you will see Lake Zaton (or Devil’s Lake). Why the devil? Because it is said that it was never inhabited by any fish, but that it drowned a lot of people who ultimately died here. Why “God’s Bridge”? Because, although there were a few accidents, everyone escaped alive.

8. Mocănița, Maramures County

Mocanita from Valea Vaserului, Maramures County

From Monday to Saturday, from May to October, for 84 years, the Mocănița locomotive travels the same 21.6 kilometers between Vişeu and Paltin to transport wood and to delight tourists. The last steam locomotive in the world starts at 9 in the morning, takes you through the lands of the Mureș where nature has barely been touched by human hands, and brings you back only at 3 in the afternoon. If you want to enjoy this road as much as you can, you need a tailor-made company, be it the company of a soul book.

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