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Are you planning a vacation to Europe this year and looking for the most stunning lakes to visit? You are at the proper location at this time. In this blog article, you will discover the most significant recommendations for the most excellent and beautiful lakes in Europe. You will also get information on what to do at each lake, where to stay, how to obtain the best images, and everything in between.

1. Hallstatter See, Austria

Hallstatter See, Austria

The Hallstatter See is widely regarded as one of Austria’s most beautiful lakes. The lake is notable not only for the lovely town of Hallstatt, which is located nearby but also for the spectacular Dachstein glacier, which is located in the Salzkammergut area of Austria. Salzburg is located adjacent to the lake.

From Salzburg, traveling to Hallstatter See by either automobile or rail is a pretty straightforward endeavor. Taking the train will need you to make one transfer along the way. Along the shore of the stunning lake, many railway stations serve as a unique destination. Because the railway station is located on the other side of the lake from Hallstatt, you must take a ferry over the water to get there. No worries, tho, because the scenery along the way is well worth the trip.

2. Genval Lake, Belgium

Genval Lake, Belgium

Lake Genval may be found to the southeast of Brussels, Belgium, in the neighborhood of La Hulpe. The Sonian Forest, as well as the towns of Flemish Brabant and Rixensart, are located near this location. One of the lakes in Europe with the highest number of visitors is the lake of Genval. It is a prominent vacation location and draws much attention owing to its natural splendor.

The lake is breathtakingly encircled by historic houses constructed during the Belle Epoque. That is what gives it its stunning good looks. It is a serene location to spend time in. The Chateau du Lac is a five-star hotel that can be found to the south of the lake and is another option for guests looking for a nice place to stay. Additionally, it features a bar. After taking a stroll around the lake, visitors should make it a point to stop at one of the many eateries near it.

3. Dragon's Eye Lake, Croatia

Dragon's Eye Lake, Croatia

The Dragon Eye Lake near Rogoznica in Croatia is undoubtedly one of the most stunning examples of a tiny lake seen anywhere in Europe. Suppose you are searching for a unique experience at the lake. In that case, this undiscovered treasure is a must-see and a local suggestion you shouldn’t miss.

This location is also known by the name Zmajevo oko, which translates to “eye of the dragon.” The stunning natural gem is encased in even more stunning natural scenery. It is encircled by rock walls that reach heights up to 24 meters. It is stated that the lake’s oval form is reminiscent of a dragon’s eye due to its appearance. There are several myths surrounding the mysterious lake!

According to the local folklore, a giant dragon resides in the deep lake. The water level of this blue lake fluctuates with the tides, which causes the lake to have a depth of about sixty meters from shallow to deep. On the other hand, it is also plausible that a meteorite or a sinkhole contributed to the lake’s formation.

4. Rutland Water, England

Rutland Water, England

Once upon a time, the area now known as Rutland Water was a verdant farmland valley close to Oakham in Rutland, England. In the early 1970s, a dam of 1200 meters in length and 35 meters in height was constructed over the River Gwash.

However, the top half of the Church of Normanton was salvaged and is now used as a museum recording the reservoir’s history and construction. This contrasts the fact that a few communities were flooded and lost forever under the water.

Rutland Water encompasses thirteen square kilometers of the countryside and is a prevalent location for various outdoor activities, including bird viewing, fishing, sailing, cycling, and hiking.

Suppose you wish to ride around Rutland Water or just a portion of it. In that case, there is a route that goes around the lake that is forty kilometers long and has a distance of twenty-five miles. The primary parking places are located in Whitwell and Normanton. A complete circular ride of 40 kilometers should take two to three hours.

We hope this guide helped you shape your bucket list for the year 2023. If it didn’t, check out our other travel articles.

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