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If you want to teach your children important principles like environmental stewardship while still having fun, take them to a park where they may be awestruck by the beauty of nature. This list of the greatest family-friendly eco-friendly places has been put together just for you.

All ages will be wowed by the European Commission’s award-winning sustainable tourist locations. Spend a magical vacation in Latvia, a family-friendly hike in Soomaa, or a trip back in time in Romania

1. At Wild Taiga Finland, you can get up and personal with bears.

Wild Taiga, Finland
Why not give your children an experience they’ll never forget? Watch bears in their natural habitat! The magnificent Wild Brown Bear is the most well-known woodland resident in Wild Taiga. This activity is only offered during the summer months and is suitable for parties of one to twenty participants. There is a one-hour flight from Helsinki to Wild Taiga. Finnair offers domestic and international flights from Helsinki to Kajaani.
Wild Taiga, Finland 2

2. Visit the Sustainable Village of Popeye, Mellieha, Malta.

Sustainable European Travel Destinations - Popeye Village, Malta, Mellieha

Malta is one of the world’s most amazing destinations and one of Europe’s top film settings. All year round, visitors are flocking to Mellieha, which is nestled between lush green slopes and the crystal clear blue waters of the Mediterranean. There is a lot to see and do in the Mellieha area, whether it’s a stroll through the countryside, a visit to the ancient Marian Sanctuary, a short plunge in the turquoise waters of Mellieha Bay or the other 12 neighboring bays, or one of the numerous popular events organized by the Mellieha Local Council.

In the northwest corner of the Mediterranean island of Malta, two kilometers from Mellieha, there is a clump of rustic and rickety wooden houses known as Popeye Village or Sweethaven Village. In 1980, Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Productions used it as a set for the live-action musical film Popeye, starring Robin Williams. As an open-air museum and entertainment complex for the whole family, it’s now available to the public.

3. Turn back the clock in Alba Iulia, Romania - A Sustainable European Destination

Alba Iulia, Romania

Go to one of Romania’s most picturesque places for a family holiday. Think backward in time for a few seconds, as though you’ve just rolled the clock back by two thousand years. You are a gladiator in an arena where the Roman legions are your opponents. You are one of Herodotus’ bravest and righteousness Thracians. The Roman legions are battling the courageous Dacians around you. Isn’t this familiar? Straight out of the pages of history books.

As soon as you open your eyes, you’ll be transported into a Hollywood-style scenario of Rome or Spartacus. This is taking place in Alba Iulia, Romania’s other capital and the historic Roman city of Dacia. So we don’t just read about history; we experience it, and that’s how we’re taught about it here. Roman troops, gladiators, and dancing nymphs will transport you back in time every Friday afternoon throughout the tourist season.

4. Find your way through a maze of plants, Durbuy, Belgium.

Durbuy, Belgium

Daily, seven performers perform in seven plays and activities for children at Durbuy’s Labyrinth, an 11-hectare theme park with 10 kilometers of alleyways that draws 70,000 people throughout the summer. Nearby cities include:

• Namur (about an hour by car).

• Liège (about 30 minutes by car).

• Brussels (about 1 hour by car).

What a fantastic journey you are about to go on!

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