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Austria, which is geographically located in the center of Europe, has always been at the epicenter of Europe’s most turbulent historical events and aristocratic intrigues. In addition, it is situated inside the high Alpine range, which allows it to boast an abundance of gorgeous places surrounded by spectacular natural scenery. Check out our top 6 weekly recommendations, including where you should travel and what you should do once you get to this beautiful nation.

1. Innsbruck

Innsbruck, Austria

The picture-perfect Inn Valley serves as the backdrop for the state capital of Tirol. The mountainous terrain surrounding the old town makes it a well-known destination for various winter sports. In fact, the town has even played home to a couple Olympic Winter Games. These days, tourists may discover many historic structures and monuments to explore. After all, Innsbruck has always been in the center of some of the most difficult years in its historical timeline.

Why would you ever go there?

Unspoiled environments and resorts on par with those found elsewhere in the globe may be found here, together with historic buildings, museums, and thriving urban life. Vacationing in Innsbruck is a wonderful choice for those interested in discovering new things, expanding their knowledge, and having fun outdoors.

2. Admont Abbey Library

Admont Abbey Library, Austria

A Benedictine monastery on the Enns River is a beautiful architectural ensemble surrounded by the natural environment. The library dates back to the 18th century. It is now the most extensive religious collection anywhere in the world. Frescoes are used to embellish the ceilings and cupolas, and gold is used to reflect light, providing a stunning appearance.

Why would you ever go there?

This rococo library is one of the most gorgeous structures in the complex, which is well worth seeing.

3. Schlegeis Lake

Schlegeis Lake, Austria

The Zillertal valley in Tyrol is an impressive location packed with lakes. This breathtaking panorama is the result of man-made lakes like Schlegeis and the other four that are encircled by mountains. Rock climbing and hiking are the most common things in this breathtaking setting.

Why would you ever go there?

The Schlegeis Alpine Road has a total length of 13.3 kilometers. It starts at an elevation of one kilometer above sea level. Several twists and turns take you through breathtaking scenery and four natural rock tunnels. Even a tour of the power plant, which includes an explanation of the dam, is available to visitors.

4. Salzburg

Salzburg, Austria

The ancient city has a rich assortment of cultural activities and locations and a wealth of beautiful old buildings. The legendary film “The Sound of Music” was filmed in the beautiful city of Salzburg. Salzburg has traditionally been a popular tourist destination due to its location among the Alpine environs. The fact that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in this town has further contributed to the town’s notoriety.

Why would you ever go there?

Salzburg has historically been known as a center of cultural activity. A variety of excursions are available across the city, which has an impressive number of historic buildings and structures. Specialized excursions based on “The Sound of Music” also visit the areas where the movie was filmed.

5. Grossglockner

Grossglockner, Austria

It is located in the Alpine range and rises to a height of 3,798 meters (12,461 feet), making it the highest mountain in the nation. The pyramid-shaped peak itself, which is, in fact, made up of two pinnacles, is the element that is both remarkable and distinctive about the structure. Although you need expertise, the route is categorized as PD+, which is not tough. This mountain has surprised many people by not being a particularly difficult peak to climb.

Why would you ever go there?

The Franz-Josefs-Hohe viewpoint is the greatest place to begin your ascent to the peak, accessible through the High Alpine Road, and welcomes over one million tourists annually.

6. Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria’s biggest city and capital, is a must-see destination. Nearly 4 million visitors visit the city annually due to its extensive history and thriving modern culture. The city has a wealth of museums, music venues, festivals, and wonderful architecture, among the most popular attractions. Guests are welcomed into restaurants and cafés in the city, many of which have a history dating back hundreds of years, following an eventful day spent seeing the city.

Why would you ever go there?

You have no excuse not to visit Vienna, which is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the continent’s cultural epicenter, and an exciting destination for anybody at any time.

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