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Cambridge is a small and beautiful city that has gained fame all around the globe. Although the institution is the primary reason for this enchanted reputation, it is not the only one. First, you don’t have to be a badass to obtain a good education at this town’s numerous first-rate museums. The most significant activities in Cambridge encompass a wide range of interests.

Cambridge’s finest dining establishments are an integral part of the city’s character, and happily, they provide enough opportunities for romance. When you throw in some genuine oddities, stunning architecture, and other treats, you’ve got yourself a place worth visiting.

1. Visit the Botanic Gardens and lose yourself in the lush vegetation.

Cambridge Botanic Gardens, Cambridge

Inquiring minds want to know: what is it? Cambridge University is the proud owner of around 40 acres of beautiful green (and pink and yellow, and red…) botanic gardens where you may take your horticultural studies seriously or nap.

Why go? The entrance of the Cambridge Botanic Gardens is unremarkable, yet beyond it lies an Arcadian beauty. Its forest atmosphere sets it different from other urban gardens. Become disoriented in a forest labyrinth and forget your cares.

2. Pedal through Cambridge city for a unique perspective.

Cambridge biking

Many bicycles may be seen everywhere in Cambridge. As a result, the city is quite bike-friendly, and pedestrians are used to avoiding bikes as they do their daily business.

Why go? Cambridge is so compact that bike riding is the ideal transportation throughout town. There are many locations to rent them, and you may secure them almost everywhere. Although bike paths are everywhere, you may notice that some intrepid residents pedal on the sidewalks instead. It’s no exaggeration to call Cambridge a cyclist’s utopia.

3. Find some great antiques on Mill Road.

Mill Road, Cambridge

One may find Mill Road, west of the city itself, along a lengthy boulevard covered with murals and home to hip boutiques and cozy cafes.

Why go? Mill Road is lined with vintage stores, so whether you’re searching for 1970s-inspired décor or a unique piece of clothing, you can spend a day wandering to your heart’s content. Relevant Records is the place to go for old and brand-new albums if you like that kind of thing (and some great coffee). If you’re hungry, you can find the tastiest Mediterranean nibbles in East Anglia at the Italian shop Limoncello.

4. Kettle's Yard is home to excellent examples of contemporary art.

Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

This is the coziest art gallery you’ll ever see since it was formerly a private residence.

Why go? Jim and Helen Ede originally lived in the house now known as Kettle’s Yard. Since Jim was a curator at the Tate Gallery, the couple could afford to fill their house with works by renowned artists like Barbara Hepworth and Joan Miró. The Edes then donated the whole estate to Cambridge University with extraordinary kindness. You may go there today to take in the carefully placed art around the mansion.

5. See the inner workings of Cambridge campus with a behind-the-scenes tour.

Cambridge University Campus, Cambridge

An insider’s look at the lovely hidden gems of the prestigious institution as seen through a student’s eyes.

Why go? Cambridge is a delightfully tiny and walkable city. The central university plays a similar role. Go around the campus with current undergraduates who are intimately familiar with every nook and cranny.

6. Visit the Chapel of King's College in Cambridge

The Chapel Of King's College, Cambridge

What is it? It is a magnificent Gothic church right in the heart of Cambridge. Even if you’re not into “church-spotting,” you should check it out.

Why go? King’s College Chapel has an annual Christmas Eve carol service televised on television, allowing adults to shamefully weep along to the opening crystalline bars of “Once in Royal David’s City” while drinking copious amounts of sherry. Experience this custom again by going inside the stunning church. Then, continue the celebration with drinks at the Eagle just across the street.

7. Check out The Corpus Clock in Cambridge

The Corpus Clock is an enormous and out-of-the-ordinary clock that will make you feel helpless in the face of time’s relentless march across space and time. Don’t come here if you’re in a hurry and must check the time.

Why go? The Corpus Clock may be seen outside Corpus Christi College’s Taylor Library. More of a work of art than a clock (though it sometimes tells the right time). The creepy bug perched on it seems to ‘devour’ time, serving as a sobering reminder that our supply of the precious commodity is finite.

8. Check out the ever-changing wares at the market stands.

Cambridge Market, Cambridge

Try some local fares at one of the many crowded street foods stands in the downtown area for lunch.

Why go? Some of the city’s finest dining may be found at these establishments, but this is your best chance if you’re craving something fresh and hot off the stove. Ostrich burgers, fancy Scotch eggs, homemade pad thai, and freshly squeezed juices are just a few examples.


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