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Charles bridge, Oldl Town bridge tower, Prague (UNESCO), Czech republic, Europe
Breathtaking winter scenery, fairytale-like places, chilly and mysterious nights, all of these elements can be discovered in these fascinating destinations on the world stage, which miraculously turn when touched by the magic wand of winter. That being said, we have put together a list of Winter Fairytale Destinations to help you decide on your next adventure:

1. Winter Fairytale in Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Norway

The wonderful city of Norway, halfway between the supremacy of the mountain and the impressive depth of the sea, turns into a completely fascinating place in the winter. Bergen is like an enchanted gate through which you can enter the wonderful world of fjords. From this city, you can explore the wild beauty of nature, and you can enjoy an extraordinary experience walking on the streets with brightly colored buildings.

2. Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria
Follow in the footsteps of Mozart in the paradisiacal setting of Salzburg. It is said that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and that once you step on its streets, your heart will be conquered forever. In winter, Salzburg has a unique charm that envelops any tourist in notes of a magical symphony.

3. Winter Fairytale in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia
The medieval historic center of Tallinn is a treat for the whole year, but in the winter, it turns into a fairytale place. Two or three days are enough to explore the city from children’s stories and enjoy its medieval air and the wonders that are just waiting to be discovered. You can get to Tallinn by ferry from either Helsinki or St. Petersburg.

Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria, Germany

Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria, Germany

This is a perfect holiday setting by the stove. The small town at the foot of the Bavarian Alps is the place to relax just by looking at the scenery. It is located at an altitude of 473 meters and is located very close to Salzburg. The historic center with the Florianiplatz square and the pedestrian area that starts at Rathausplatz (City Hall Square) are the places worth photographing. The Rupertus Philharmonic and Spa ideally complement the offer, along with typical Bavarian cuisine.

5. Winter Fairytale in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic
One of the most charming cities in Europe, in winter, is, without a doubt, Prague. In the summer months, the Czech capital is invaded by tourists, but Prague is just as convincing in the winter. It is an architectural city, with a rich culture and a special atmosphere when everything is covered with a “light snow dust” under the blue sky. The city knows how to live at maximum rates, and when night falls, take shelter in local bars and taste the many varieties of beer. Don’t forget the city’s Christmas festivities; here, you will feel the festive spirit.

6. A Real Winter Fairytale in Rovaniemi, Finland

Rovaniemi, Finland
For those who are excited about the coming of Christmas, why wait for Santa when you can go to him? No, not at the North Pole, but in the small town of Oman, Rovaniemi, in Finnish Lapland. Right outside Rovaniemi, you will find Santa Claus Village, the official home of the most beloved character in history. The children will be delighted to receive the special stamp of Santa for the reindeer walk and will appreciate the geography lesson close to the Arctic Circle. The city is an excellent place to venture out and see the northern lights and some of the most exciting winter destinations in Europe.

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