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Often things do not seem to line up to organize the next vacation in time: either you do not manage to gather enough friends to set up the itinerary, or the holidays do not fit some of your schedules, or you did not take the offer when it appeared, and now it is too late, either the thought of putting all the details in order makes you procrastinate, and in the end, you don’t get to go to the desired destination this year, maybe next year.

But our advice is not to procrastinate, life is short, and you never know where it will take you, so why leave for next year what you can do this year? We can say is that we are fans of group trips, and if they are organized by someone else, that only makes things simpler.

So, we thought we’d share with you the reasons why you should try organized group travel:

1. You can leave your cares behind with Organized Group Travel

No worries

So, let the holiday begin! No matter how beautiful it is to experience the unknown, it would not be ideal for spending the whole vacation worried about not missing the next bus, plane, or entrance to an important objective. And maybe some accommodations give you worries too. You might pray for it to be like in the pictures, without surprises at the destination!

2. You will have more time for what you like

More time

Time is becoming an essential resource we have, and you feel it more and more often lately! So, when you arrive at a new destination, you would probably like to enjoy what the place offers instead of constantly reading about the new destination you are going to. It is perhaps not your passion to take all the reviews by hand at the hotels, to download the maps and set everything up logistics every day (how to get there, how much is the entrance, what is the program, tips & tricks, why to avoid and so on). All of this becomes easier when traveling in a group.

3. You will be safer with Organized Group Travel

Safe travel
There are destinations that you might avoid because it is rumored that safety is not their strong point. However, you might want to get there, and with an organized group, the chances of getting scammed by the locals decrease, and you might not be afraid to go out on the streets.

4. More people, more friends!

More people more friends

You can travel with your friends, but at the same time, you can join a group of people as passionate about travel as you, with similar interests (many organized trips are designed for a specific type of travelers, who are attracted to adventure, experiences and those particular places). It is easy to make friends with people we meet by chance on a vacation, especially if we go on a vacation together and live the same experiences. The chances are that at the end of the holiday you will create some friendships, and if “friends” is too much said, at least you know some new and friendly people.

5. The group atmosphere

Group Atmosphere
The group often means a more dynamic atmosphere, with jokes, stories in the evening on a terrace or at a campfire, funny events, and, why not, fabulous parties. If you are in a group, you can plan a party, without worries, the atmosphere will heat up.

6. Better prices and group discounts for Organized Group Travel

We have reached the budget chapter. There is a perception that when you go for a group organized by an agency, you pay more, and maybe in some cases, that is true. However, there are also business models that are based on negotiating group rates and obtaining discounts. Some people deal and choose the best offer to pay a much better price than if you organized your vacation.

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