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When you get to your destination, the last thing you want to discover is that your baggage got misplaced while you were away. While airports and shuttle services can usually find your bags within a few hours, it may take longer, particularly for airports.

There is a big possibility that you’ll never lose your baggage, but you should know what to do if it occurs. If you lose your luggage, here are some short suggestions to follow.

1. Report It As Soon As Possible

Lost luggage

If you arrive at baggage claim and your suitcase is not found, you should file a missing report immediately. The airport and airline would want to know if it was lost or stolen as quickly as possible.

It’s possible your baggage was misplaced at the airport or that it was never even loaded onto your flight. The sooner you notify the airport and airline that your luggage has gone missing, the more time they have to search for it.

2. Put yourself in a position to win in negotiations.

Even if the airline can immediately deliver your baggage, you still have the option to submit a claim for missing property. You may ask the airline to compensate you for the cost of renting sporting equipment, such as golf clubs if you’re flying. A claim will likely be filed for luggage that was misplaced and will never be found.

Depending on the airline you travel with, you may have varying regulations about misplaced baggage. These airline regulations on checked luggage might help you make an informed decision before booking your travel. You may disagree with the airline’s assessment of what constitutes a reasonable reimbursement. To ensure that you are appropriately reimbursed for the airline’s error, you may want to push back a bit, but be careful not to ask for too much.

3. Make a Complete List

You have to record everything you pack before you depart for your vacation. Having a precise record of everything you fill in your checked baggage and carry-on will be helpful if your luggage is misplaced. Subcategories such as clothing, toiletries, and gadgets may all be included on these lists. Don’t forget to add any purchases you make while on vacation to your inventory before returning home!

When you’re putting together your packing list, be sure you include the worth of each item. If your luggage is stolen, you’ll want to know exactly what was taken and how much compensation you’ll be entitled to. Taking pictures of your packed baggage might also be beneficial. Images of your luggage might be used by the airport while hunting for it.

4. Consider what you'll need to bring with you before you leave the house.

Even if you’re confident in your ability to track down your misplaced belongings, you should still take your time while packing. “Do I need this?” and “How would I feel if [this thing] is lost forever?” are good questions to ask yourself while determining what to take.

You may want to rethink bringing many electrical devices, pricey jewelry, and other emotional objects with you on your trip. You may not get compensated for the total worth of everything in your suitcase if you have emotional things that are difficult to replace.

When making your travel arrangements, check with the airlines to see what they’re willing to pay for missing baggage. Don’t pack luggage worth more than these quantities if you’ve already purchased your tickets.

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