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While we would all like to plan trips to exotic locations for weeks at a time, the truth is that people travel for life reasons: visiting relatives, meeting with clients,  children’s sports…

Just because these types of trips are practical does not mean they can’t also be enjoyable. And one travel blogger has some ideas on how to inject some fun into your real life trips.

Danielle Smith, wife, mother, and creator of the Pretty Extraordinary website, “A place where you can ditch perfection, embrace the juggle and come away celebrating the small victories,” .

Make Practical Trips Fun and Fun Trips Practical:

Whether you visit a family member or travel for business — seek out a few opportunities to enjoy the time away. Find a new restaurant that serves your favorite type of food, take in a show or visit a local treasure. Alternatively, if you have the opportunity to steal away for vacation, take the time to do a college tour with your kids.

Seek the Perks:

For any type of travel, always look for hotels that offer the amenities that will make your stay both more comfortable and affordable. When traveling for business, is important to find a hotel brand that consistently offers what you need. Need to stay up late working into the evening? There’s free Wi-Fi for that.

Plan for Disruption:

We all know that real travel involves real life moments — lost luggage, delayed flights, rainstorms when you were planning on a sunny day. So take the time to monitor the weather before you head to your destination. While travel can be stressful, if you are prepared and plan ahead, it doesn’t have to be. You may even be able to enjoy a few moments.

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