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Where are we going this summer? This is the question that begins to roll off everyone’s tongues already. This is the season when we have already begun to dream of the sun and the sea. We imagine ourselves tanning and swimming in crystal clear water. So, as a matter of fact, we have decided to help you choose the perfect destination. We discover together the most beautiful, romantic beaches in Europe you can visit with your significant other, with friends, or even by yourself:

1. Tróia Galé beach, Portugal

Tróia Galé beach, Portugal

About an hour south of the Portuguese capital, Tróia Galé Beach impresses with its white sand. It can be easily reached by ferry from Setúbal. In addition, if you choose this beach, you will have great chances to meet dolphins as well.

You will be able to enjoy peace and a wonderful view because you will not only have the ocean stretched before you in all its majesty, but also the Arrábida mountains. Here the water is very calm and best for swimming. In addition, if you want to dive, you will come across a lot of colorful fish. And the sun is stronger here, so you’re going to tan perfectly.

2. Samoqueira, Alentejo, Portugal

If you want something quieter, but also wilder, then you can make a run north of the village of Porto Covo (clearly worth a visit if you arrive in Portugal). Samoqueira is a small beach in a place where you see rocks and rocks everywhere, with incredible shapes. You will have a lot of peace of mind and soul visiting this beach, And, depending on the tide, lagoons can form that children will definitely want to explore and maybe not only children. In addition, the beach is about 500 meters from the campsite in Porto Covo, where you will find camping places and bungalows at very affordable prices.

3. Playa de Carnota, Spain

Playa de Carnota, Spain

Perhaps the most beautiful beach in Galicia, Playa de Carnota seems to be a piece of the moon. Far from any urban area, it has incredibly white sand dunes, salt marshes, and a view dominated by the ocean and mountains. The beach is not exactly frequented by tourists and not even by locals, so you could have the chance to enjoy it only by yourself or with your loved ones. You can get here by car, but you will not have many facilities (shops or showers). At Playa de Carnota you must eat at A Morosa and try zamburiñas (shells) or chipirones (baby squid).

4. La Scala dei Turchi, Sicily, Italy

La Scala dei Turchi, Sicily, Italy

A very white cliff (the color is given by a particular sedimentary rock, the marl), with sinuous shapes, rises above the sea. This is the Scala Dei Turchi, one of those places to leave you breathless for its beauty, also made famous by the novels starring Inspector Montalbano, written by a Sicilian like Andrea Camilleri.

At Scala Dei Turchi, the limestone coast seems to have been beaten by the sun and wind, so that now it has taken the form of a natural staircase that leads exactly to the blue-green sea. This beach is one of the wonders of natural architecture and is definitely worth a visit.

5. Santa Maria Dell’ Isola beach, Italy

Santa Maria Dell’ Isola beach, Italy
If you arrive in the Calabria region of southern Italy, make a stop in the fascinating Tropea and go to the beach of Santa Maria Dell ’Isola, located right next to the base of a cliff on which the monastery of the same name is located. And if you feel like a holiday training, the steps that lead to the top, to the monastery, are the best solution.

6. Lama Monchile beach, Polignano a Mare, Italy

Lama Monachile, Italy
We returned again to beautiful Italy, to a beach awarded twice in a row with the blue flag that confirms the quality of services offered, namely Lama Monachile in the fascinating town of Polignano a Mare, one of the most famous holiday destinations in Apulia. A special pebble beach, green-azure water, surrounded by almost vertical rocks. The city is very close to Bari.

7. Nissi, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Nissi, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Obviously, this beach top could not miss a beach as spectacular as Nissi. The perfect combination of nature, turquoise waters, and the countless fun option here make Nissi a winning bet for tourists.

Certainly, all of us secretly dream of reaching one of those narrow, sandy patches of land, surrounded on either side by the ocean or the sea. This beach is the best one for fulfilling this dream. The Cypriot beach is 500 meters long and stretches along the entire length of the bay, and its clean water has been awarded the title of Blue Flag.

8. Kavalikefta beach, Greece

The Greek islands are always a good idea when it comes to holidays, and Lefkada is one of the treasures of the Ionian Sea. Picturesque landscapes, traditional taverns, good food, spectacular beaches…what more could you want?

Don’t miss Kavalikefta beach, with many oleanders and palm trees cluttered on the road, it is an extremely wild and exotic beach, by its positioning and by the “clothes” it wears: a small bay as if forgotten there for an eternity, deep among some piles of stones, on either side of the bay, both on land and in clean and clear water, bearing the same boundless blue.

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