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We know how much you love to travel, and we also know how complicated it is to organize the perfect vacation, that unforgettable adventure we all dreamed of. You want to relax in the sun and discover extraordinary places. Do you enjoy clear skies, turquoise waters, fine sand, great-looking fishing villages, unique flora and fauna, and high quality of life?

Perfect, because we have selected for you the most paradisiacal European destinations. Choose your favorite or favorites and get started!

1. Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy

Italy is known for its fairytale-like destinations, but one place surpasses them all. Capri is the “playground” of rich and famous people and one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Jackie Kennedy and Sophia Loren used to go to Capri very often to enjoy the spectacular scenery, the untouched nature, and great blue waters. There are a lot of beautiful cities in the area: besides Capri, it is worth staying at least one day in Sorrento, Ravello, Positano, Naples. The Amalfi Coast is beautiful!

2. Corfu, Greece

Somewhere near the border with Albania, there is one of the most beautiful Greek islands, Corfu, where orchids bloom in spring, and the landscape becomes sensational. This island of about 600 square kilometers (the second largest of the Ionian islands) is famous for its rich vegetation – olives, white roses, and bougainvillea (or paper flower) are emblematic plants in Corfu. If you arrive here, you must visit the Island of the Mouse and enjoy the experience of a wine tasting.

3. Kotor, Montenegro

The town of Kotor is a little corner of paradise in Montenegro, is often included in the top of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. Until a few years ago, not many people knew about it, now the popularity of Kotor is growing day by day, and more and more tourists are fascinated by the charm and authenticity of this place. The city has a unique culture, given that it was ruled by several peoples (Venetians, Ottomans, Habsburgs) who left their mark on it. Best time to go to Kotor? At the end of July, during the summer carnival.

4. Omis, Croatia

Omis, Croatia
Less well known than other places in Croatia, Omis is an excellent destination for tourists, is located a short distance from the famous Split. The port city of Omis is especially renowned for Bol beach, which is one of the most beautiful in Europe. So, if you are on holiday on the Dalmatian coast, this must-see medieval fairytale town is a must-see.

5. Symi Island, Greece

Located near Rhodes, Symi Island is a perfect place for those who love the mountains and mountain landscapes and those who love hidden beaches, where they can enjoy peace and nature. Symi is also an ideal destination for those passionate about history and mythology, so it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try.

6. Asos, Greece

Asos, Greece
We continue with a Greek destination, the little Asos, a charming and very romantic village located on the island of Kefalonia. Among the main attractions in Asos, besides the traditional beaches, blue and green waters, and Greek taverns, is the Asos Castle, one of the few castles in Greece.

7. Procida, Italy

Procida, Italy
Say Italy and the world immediately start thinking about the holidays. Procida is a small fishing village located on an island near Naples, in the south of Italy, and it is an excellent option if you want a few moments of relaxation in a beautiful place.

8. Cameo Island, Greece

You’ve probably heard of Zakynthos, but what about Cameo? Located right on Zakynthos Island, Cameo is a corner of paradise, perfect for those who love nature, the sun, and relaxation.

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