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Yes, everyone is planning a trip to Croatia, most of the time to Dubrovnik, which is a wonderful city, but have you ever seen Zagreb?

Despite being the capital of Croatia, the city of Zagreb is always bypassed by tourists looking for vacation spots. It is true that in Zagreb you will not find the spectacular beaches that represent the symbol of Croatia, but the city has many other attractions to offer, represented by many tourist attractions, restaurants, cafes, bars, and many cultural events. Leaving aside the tourist potential it presents, Zagreb also has an advantage worth considering, which is due to its geographical position. Zagreb can be easily reached either by car or by plane from almost any other capital in Central and Eastern Europe.

The city is divided into three parts: Gornji grade, Donji grade, and Novi Zagreb. Gornji grad is the old quarter, where most of the historical and architectural objectives are located. Among the most famous tourist attractions here are the Presidential Palace, Saint Mark’s Church, and the Croatian Parliament Building. This part of the city is most often visited by tourists who want to experience the classic character of this dream location. This is the right place for time travel.

In Donji Grad, the second most important district in Zagreb you will find dozens of shops, restaurants, cafes, and theaters. This area can also be called the commercial area of the city, where tourism is most practiced.

Novi Zagreb – New Zagreb – is an area where tall glass buildings rule over paved streets. Although it does not have a high tourist potential, Novi Zagreb is especially sought after by modern architecture enthusiasts.

Once in Zagreb, it will be impossible not to be fascinated by the major contrast created by the old parts of the city, where the cobbled streets are lit by electric lanterns, compared to the new areas, where skyscrapers and glass buildings, in modern style. watches like giants over developing urbanism. So as not to miss any beautiful location, the Travel Destinations team has put together a list of tourist spots to help you navigate the city easier and make your traveling experience the best it can be:

Mirogoj Cemetery

Mirogoj cemetery, Zagreb, Croatia
It may seem strange to think of a cemetery as a tourist attraction, but the Mirogoj cemetery is a masterpiece in itself. Zagreb was hit hard by an earthquake in 1880, which destroyed more than half of the city. German architect Herman Bolle was tasked with rebuilding the Croatian capital from a small, unimportant town into the gorgeous metropolis it is today. Mirogoj Cemetery is the icing on the cake, considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe. If you come here in autumn, do not miss the day of November 1 (Day of the Dead or All Saints), when the cemetery is flooded with a sea of candles and flowers, on a holy day when it is said that the gates of the Afterlife are open, and to the souls of the deceased visit the living.

Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

Museum of broken relationships, Zagreb, Croatia
In a city break in Zagreb, you can visit both the classic museums, full of history and some unique museums, which will redefine the concept of exhibits that you can see here. This museum was founded by two Croatian artists who have been in a long-term relationship. After they broke up, they made jokes about creating a museum to display the things left after the separation. Today, the museum contains an impressive collection of objects donated by people from around the world, with more or less funny stories, which leaves you with a bitter-sweet aftertaste.

Mimara Museum

Mimara museum, Zagreb, Croatia

Located in a neo-renaissance palace, this museum houses 3,750 works of art from different cultures and civilizations. You can admire over 450 paintings and drawings, made by artists such as Raphael, Velasquez, Rembrandt, Goya, Rubens, etc.

Other museums worth mentioning include The Archaeological Museum, the Technical Museum dedicated to the famous Nikola Tesla, and the Museum of Illusions.

The Cathedral of Zagreb and The Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića Square

Cathedral of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
In this central square, named after the Croatian ban, there is a building with a panoramic terrace, from where you can see Zagreb from the 16th floor (Zagreb Observation Deck). Near this square, you will discover the Cathedral of Zagreb, with its two famous towers, one of which is forever under reconstruction. A funny fact: the chandeliers inside the cathedral come from a casino in Las Vegas. This could not have been more than a human combination of holy and sinful matters!

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