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Whether you like it or not, Instagram driven travel is having a moment and it’s about time we all got on board. In an age where adventures and memories can be shared at the touch of a button, documenting your every move is the norm and seeking out the perfect selfie spot now plays a huge role in every travel itinerary.

Capturing that candid snapshot is no easy feat but framing it against the backdrop of classical medieval architecture and never-ending canals sure does help. As some of the most photogenic places in the world, Europe’s cities are oozing with Instagram potential. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the crème de la crème.

London, England

Unsurprisingly, England’s capital city wins the title of one of the most Instagram worthy places in Europe. Tagged on the social sharing site over 119.9 million times, it’s safe to say the manicured streets of the Big Smoke are bursting with aesthetically pleasing shop fronts, cafes, culture and tradition, not to mention the collection of iconic picturesque landmarks. Truly Instagram royalty, even London’s toilets have their own corner of fame online.

Paris, France

The universal city of love is bound to have people double-tapping that heart button. Based on iconic monuments alone, Paris has been deemed Insta-worthy since the beginning of the app. The picturesque narrow streets, canals and chic collection of museums not to mention the innate Parisian sense of style, makes the French capital the ideal spot to capture your cultural candid shot.

Prague, Czech Republic


The capital city of Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most charming cities in all of Europe and rivals even Paris when it comes to beauty.

Nicknamed “the City of the Thousand Spires,” it’s known for its Old Town Square and historic monuments.

Barcelona, Spain

Guell Park - Barcelona - Travel Destinations Europe
Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí has filled Barcelona with some of the most unique and whimsical structures in the world. The enchanting Park Güell, which overlooks the city, is a particular treat to explore.

Venice, Italy

Stunning architecture, narrow waterways, and iconic gondolas make Venice a magical floating city like no other. Its Grand Canal, Piazza San Marco, and Saint Mark’s Basilica are must-sees.

The Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds
The Cotswolds is a rural area in the South of England that takes in six counties and is home to some of the most postcard-perfect landscapes and houses. With the 102 mile Cotswold Way at its heart, this is a paradise for walkers or people seeking an outdoor holiday. And for those looking for a more leisurely break? Well, the many country pubs with roaring fires in the winter offer a perfect alternative.

Oia, Greece

Oia, Santorini
Located on the island of Santorini, Oia is renowned for its whitewashed buildings that cover the steep hillsides overlooking the Aegean—their blue rooftops mirroring the color of the sea.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna has the cobbled streets, baroque buildings and imperial palaces in this beautiful city where Sacher Tort and culture are king. From legendary coffee houses to secretive tunnels on the grounds of Vienna’s palace, it really is a beautiful city.

Bruges, Belgium

Last but not least, focus your attention on the charming city of Bruges. The backpacker’s paradise is anything but budget in what it has to offer both architecturally and scenically. Dating back to the Middle Ages, the city has an old-school rustic allure perfect for prettifying your page. Quaint and peaceful, take a stroll along the many canals, wander through a secret garden and settle down for a Belgian beer in the town centre. You’ll be drowning in likes before you know it!

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