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Florence, meaning Firenze in Italian, is the old capital of Tuscany, being now a provincial capital, a university city surrounded by hills, a very picturesque place. If you want to visit Florence, in this article you will find the most beautiful sights in Florence and the main places to visit.

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy because it has a lot of tourists, historical, artistic and architectural attractions. Only this beautiful city brings together over 25% of the works of Italian artistic heritage.

So it is a real historical gem, but it is also a very charming, very active, and lively city. The best way to discover it is to let go of its magic. You will thus make an exciting journey back in time, and you will wake up in the heart of the Middle Ages or the Renaissance.

1. The Dome of Florence or the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

The Dome of Florence or the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore

What to visit in Florence first? You can start with the Dome of Florence, also known as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. It is a very imposing cathedral, being one of the largest in the world, next to Saint Paul in London or Saint Peter in Rome.

Its exterior, made of green, pink and white marble, has several elaborate gates and statues that are worth discovering. Inside, the Brunneleschi dome is a true masterpiece. You have to climb the 463 stairs to reach the top. The view from here is entirely worth it.

2. Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

Palazzo Vecchio

Your first discoveries can begin around the famous square in Florence. The heart of its historic center, a true art scene, and a political center of the city, since the Middle Ages, Piazza Della Signoria hides several treasures.

In a medieval style, Palazzo Vecchio was built in the late 13th, early 14th centuries. There is also a museum, which allows you to visit the magnificent rooms where, among others, works of art by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Donatello, Verrocchio are exhibited. Located in Piazza Della Signoria, its architecture is sure to catch your eye. It has a 94-meter high tower – the Arnolfo Tower, which offers a beautiful view of the city.

3. Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Uffizi Gallery, Italy
Along with the Dome and the Academy Gallery, this wonderfully completes a trio of must-see attractions here. It is one of the richest museums in the world. Its collection of works is truly impressive, and the museum is huge. But at the same time, it is one of the most important art galleries in the world.

4. Ponte Vecchio, Firenze

Ponte Vecchio, Firenze, Italy

It is the oldest known bridge in Florence. It is the only one that was not destroyed by the German bombing of World War II, remaining intact since 1345.

It is an exceptional bridge with a precise purpose – it allowed those of the Medici dynasty – to pass from the Uffizi Gallery to the Pitti Palace or the Vecchio Palace in complete safety. Nowadays, it is famous for its boutiques where you can shop.

5. The Bardini Garden

The Bardini Garden, Italy

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Florence, you have to get here. It is a typical Renaissance garden, a wonderful corner of greenery that is very popular, especially for the most beautiful viewpoint.

Set on about 4 hectares, the garden can be visited from Via Dei Bardi or Costa San Giorgio and promises the most charming walk among roses, wisteria, irises, or other plants.

Lots of paths will take you to the fountains and canals before reaching the central staircase to reach its top.

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