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Does the world really have a “Christmas Capital?” In a word, yes. Is this city’s Christmas celebration the best in the world? Indeed, that’s the case. Is it true that the most intriguing Christmas markets may be found in this nation’s capital? Without a doubt. Strasburg, in northern France, is the unofficial Christmas Capital, so read on for a captivating voyage to this fairytale destination.

What exactly makes Strasbourg deserving of the title "Christmas capital"?

Strasbourg, France
With the arrival of the Christmas season, Strasbourg puts up its finest display of holiday cheer. Christmas lights and colorful decorations cast a spell over the city as dawn approaches. This city has been known as the “Christmas Capital” for decades, and with good reason. Because of its exceptional festive atmosphere, millions of tourists flock to Strasbourg every December. There are 10 or more venues in the Grande lle area where the Christmas market is held. Gorgeous fireworks light up the city skyline as dusk falls, adding an extra dose of enchantment throughout the whole four weeks of the Christmas market. One of the most breathtaking sights is the enormous Christmas tree in Place Kleber Square. At a high 30 meters in height, this magnificently decorated tree makes quite a dramatic statement. In addition, the sight of the city bathed in brilliant light represents the Alsatian tradition that has endured for five long centuries.

This is why you must put it on your list of activities before you die.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, in northeastern France, is the capital of the Grand Eastern region, often known formally as Alsace. A region that shares a border with Germany and is steeped in history, culture, and festive customs. Alsatian, a German dialect heavily influenced by French pronunciation and vocabulary, and Franco-German culture emerged near the border between these two culturally diverse regions.

Romance, art, familial love, beauty, chivalry, and plenty of kisses are all part of the German culture, alongside Christian morality, a love of beer, philosophies, and certain ideals. Nowhere on Earth are you likely to find such a harmonious combination of elements. All these factors make Strasbourg the ideal place to showcase the best of French and German culture without really traveling to either country.

How to make the best out of holiday shopping in the "Christmas Capital."

The Strasbourg Christmas Market is the biggest and most visited in France. Additionally, it is renowned as one of Europe’s best Christmas markets. The Alsatian name for the market is Christkindelsmarik. In contrast, the French name Marches de Noel indicates that it is the oldest Christmas market in France. The Strasbourg Christmas Market opens to the public at the end of November and keeps welcoming happy shoppers until the end of December. As the city prepares to host the best-decorated Christmas markets in the world, every building in the neighborhood shows some Christmas decorations near the entrance to the Christmas Market. The Christmas market opened this year on November 21 and will run through December 23, 2022.

Activities in Strasbourg, the World's Holiday Center

Step out into the city's bright lights for a stroll.

The atmosphere throughout Strasbourg’s Christmas market is very unique. You’ll be taken aback by the beauty of the city’s decorations when you set foot outside your hotel. Christmas decorations go up, songs begin to be sung in churches, and storefronts shine with lights. Strasbourg is perhaps the most brightly lighted European metropolis for the whole month of December.

Go for a walk in Little France.

Petite France, Strasbourg, France
Pictures of Strasbourg tend to focus on this quiet neighborhood rather than the city’s famously festive Christmas markets. Petite France is one of the city’s coziest areas since it is essentially an overflow for the water surrounding this town. The glimmering crystal effect is created by the reflection of the lit ornaments in the water. This spot is very popular with tourists and photographers this time of year.

Barrage Vauban

The Barrage Vauban was constructed in the 17th century as a defense wall characterized by its resolute bridge. There is no cost to enter this impressive structure, and you may spend hours admiring its design. It’s possible to climb straight up to a breathtaking vista of the surrounding area. Relaxing Strasbourg views are guaranteed at the summit of this Barrage Vauban.

Visit Strasbourg's Gothic Cathedral.

Gothis Cathedral, Strasbourg, France
The Strasbourg Cathedral, unlike any other church you may have seen before, stands tall in the middle of the city’s festive Christmas market. The intricacy of this building’s design and construction will wow you. Moreover, if you go straight up to the church, you’ll be astonished by the fantastic view of the dazzling city below you!

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