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Europe’s summers are unbeatable. Europe’s summers are the greatest, with pleasant afternoons, crisp nights, and lots of sunshine. When choosing a summer getaway, many people don’t explore beyond Europe’s big tourist towns. They miss the point of a pleasant holiday in a congested city.

Take our advice for next summer. You may find out about five peaceful summer holiday ideas for your next getaway. We offer lesser-known Europe summer spots for everyone’s bucket list.

1. Trento

Trento, Italy

Trento is a laid-back, traditional Italian city with numerous stunning sights. If you stay in official municipal accommodations, you’ll acquire a Guest Card that lets you use public transit and visit sites for free.

Free attractions include Castel del Buonconsiglio, the Sardegna Cable Car, and Castel Beseno. You will scarcely spend any money while doing a lot in two days. Trento is a budget-friendly location for food and lodging (as far as you can say, it is an Italian paradise destination).

2. Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a great summer getaway. The nation boasts sun, vibrant cities, attractive villages, stunning mountains, and a magnificent seashore. It’s still unknown to most people; therefore, you’ll only see local visitors. Summer is peak season, yet it’s less congested than other European attractions.

Even though you may have traveled to Bulgaria, you undoubtedly still have much to explore when you return. So many possibilities make it hard to create a Bulgaria itinerary. The country is also shockingly inexpensive compared to Western Europe. Don’t worry if you want to indulge. This Balkan nation has several luxurious alternatives.

3. Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia, is a fantastic introduction to the Balkans. Skopje’s eccentric and plentiful sculptures have made it a media ‘oddity,’ with people grumbling about how much money has gone into installing them. Skopje has much more to offer. Skopje’s inhabitants, cuisine, surrounding mountains, and wildlife make it a top summer vacation in Europe.

Skopje is a great site to start a road trip in Macedonia. You can’t miss Alexander the Great on Skopje’s central plaza. Visit Mother Teresa’s birthplace, the Old Bazaar, the earthquake-damaged railway station, and Debar Maalo for coffees and beers (and plenty of hipsters).

4. South Moravia, Czech Republic

South Moravia, Czech Republic

You’ve probably never considered the Czech Republic a summer getaway outside Prague. Many destinations are worth a week or two of your time. South Moravia, notably the Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape near Breclav, is one of the wonders.

This area has a rich cultural past, active vacations, exciting aqua parks, and spas with superb wine. Public transit is regular and simple to use, or you may get a bike and explore the area on two wheels, as many locals do in the summer. Thanks to bike trails and little hills, it’s easy.

5. Belarus


Belarus is one of Europe’s hardest-to-access nations, but the benefits are great. Belarus is sandwiched between Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, and Ukraine. Most passport holders require a visa for land borders or an airport visa in Minsk.

Why would you choose such a challenging place for your summer vacation? If you’ve spent the holidays in Europe, you may recall overcrowding due to tourists. Belarus is a calm oasis. Enjoy city life in Minsk or Brest, doesn’t matter what you’re into. Hike, bike, and kayak at Belavezhskaya Pushcha, Braslaw, or Narach.

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