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European surfing may not be as well-known as it could be due to the popularity of the best-known surfing spots in the world, including Hawaii, Australia, and Indonesia.

What a treat it will be to surf in Europe on your bucket list! The Old Continent is also home to some of the world’s greatest waves, in addition to magnificent sights, intriguing civilizations, and delicious cuisine.

When it comes to picking the ideal location for your next surfing vacation, we could all use some pointers. In light of this, these are the top five European surfing spots:

1.Portugal has a unique surfing culture

Portugal surfing

The Iberian Peninsula offers everything for surfers. We have a winner in Portugal, too! Surfers from all over the globe flock to this destination for its unique surf culture, original charm, lovely whitewashed fishing towns, mouthwatering cuisine, and of course, its world-class waves. No matter how many surf schools there are or how many waves you can practice on, it still is a great area to learn how to surf.

Every wave you can think of can be found on the coast, from the northern breakers at Porto to the legendary surf beaches in Lisbon and the beautiful Algarve. Portugal’s surfing capitals are Peniche and Ericeira. Among the finest beach breakers in the world is Supertubos, which is known for its wicked super-fast and super heavy barrels. There is a world-class reef break at Ribeira D’Ilhas, also the site of Portugal’s first-ever surf competition.

2. Spain

Surfing in Spain

Some of the world’s greatest waves may be found along Spain’s golden Atlantic coast. The northern coast of Spain is home to some of the top surfing areas in the country. There are several world-class surf breakers in the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, and Galicia, including Zarautz, Sopelana, Mundaka, Meakoz, Somo, and Rodiles. San Sebastian is both a top surfing destination and a gourmet mecca. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular location for surfers in Basque Country.

Many people consider the Canary Islands a different country because of their proximity to Africa. Because of the archipelago’s year-round sunlight and pleasant environment, it is a popular destination when the weather grows cooler in the rest of Europe.

While the Canary Islands are a popular kitesurfing destination because of their many dangerous reef breaks, they are also a great place to learn to surf and improve your technique.

3. Surfing in Europe has its start in France

Surfing in France

Pinpoints: History, culture, food, and drinks. There’s mouthwatering food, a fun nightlife, and world-class surfing here. Surfing in Europe has its start in France. The sport began in Biarritz in the late 1950s and quickly expanded to other countries and continents throughout the globe.

Every inch of the country’s Atlantic coastline is littered with surf spots. The waves draw an international throng from the north of Normandy and Brittany down to the border with Spain. Surfing in Southwest France, on the other hand, is grabbing all the headlines. There’s an excellent reason for this.

The strip of coast between Seignosse and Biarritz is home to some of the world’s top beach breakers. The Bay of Biscay’s regular waves exposes Gironde, Landes, and the Basque Country to a high degree of stability. Summer waves are ideal for beginners, while fall and winter provide ideal conditions for more experienced surfers.

For more experienced surfers, there are plenty of places to practice their skills, as well as rough barrels and offshore large wave areas. As a bonus, the cuisine is delicious, the nightlife is hopping, and several surfing events and contests keep you entertained.

4. The United Kingdom offers a wide variety of surfing venues to choose from

UK Surfing

The United Kingdom offers a wide variety of surf venues to choose from, ranging from secluded beach breaks to monstrous barrels. The surf in the United Kingdom is amazing, with fewer tourists than in other European surfing hotspots but no less world-class waves. The only drawback is that the water may be rather chilly, so be sure to dress appropriately!

These two locations are among the finest in Scotland for surfing. Since 1960s, Watergate Bay and Fistral Beach in Newquay have been popular surfing destinations in Cornwall. In addition, both have hosted various important surfing events, including the Boardmasters Festival, which takes place every year. Porthleven, Cornwall’s greatest reef break, is just a few miles away.

5. Ireland

Surfing in Ireland

An island as huge as Ireland is susceptible to ferocious storms that batter its beautiful wild coastlines. Although the water might be scalding, the quality of the surf makes it all worthwhile.

Bundoran Beach, Ireland’s most popular surfing area, has something for everyone, from novices to experts. While surfing in Bundoran, you’ll be greeted by friendly people and served hearty Irish fare that will keep you warm and help you get back on your feet.

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