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Europe is a gorgeous continent as it is, but sometimes it might be hard to plan a vacation in a family-friendly destination, especially if you have kids. Even though holidays with children are the most beautiful source of fun memories, we understand the difficulty of finding entertaining and, most importantly, safe destinations to travel to. Because we love to include all types of groups in our articles, we have put together a list of some family-friendly places to visit while in Europe to make your job easier.

1. Algarve, Portugal

Algarve, Portugal is Family-friendly

Portugal is a country you want to go to all year round, being a happy combination of wild nature with dreamy landscapes, historic cities, and exotic beaches. It is a country with places that inspires you and makes you want to come back another time, so a holiday in Portugal is never a bad idea. Being in a tourist area of Europe, you will not have difficulties finding accommodation with children’s arrangements or ok restaurants. In addition, there are many activities that you and your children can enjoy here.

When it comes to the Algarve, it is known that there are over 300 sunny days a year, which makes it an extremely welcoming destination. The Algarve has been recognized in 5 years as the best beach destination in Europe by the World Travel Awards.

2. Disneyland, France it is a family-friendly destination

Disneyland, Paris, France is a Family-friendly Destination

One of the unparalleled joys you can give children is introducing them to the fairytale world created by Disneyland. The most accessible is a vacation at the Disneyland Paris amusement park in France.

The cheerful atmosphere here, the palaces and castles that faithfully reproduce those in life-size storybooks, the meeting with your favorite cartoon characters, the activities, games, and routes inside the amusement park make a Disneyland vacation unique! Even for adults, you will surely easily enter the atmosphere here.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Whether you are alone, or as a couple, or as a family with children, Spain is everyone’s favorite. It is a happy place, full of life, where people are benevolent, and where you feel that you are enriching your soul at every moment.

In Barcelona, you and your children can enjoy Gaudi’s works, the seafront with the welcoming beach, the Barcelona Aquarium where you can discover the aquatic life, the tasty food, and the spectacle of the musical fountains in Montjuic. Barcelona is an explosion of the senses, and your children will feel it!

4. Antalya, Turkey and family-friendly resorts

Antalya, Turkey is Family-friendly

If we talk about destinations for families with children (especially young children), we can not forget to include Antalya in Turkey on the list. When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, with facilities for children (swimming pools, playgrounds, special food), very affordable conditions (price, transport, offer), Antalya a destination that is very hard to beat.

As a result, in case you are looking for a resort where you can have a lot of relaxation and many activities to keep the kids busy, you can start with a vacation in Antalya in Turkey.

5. Montenegro coast for your family-friendly holidays

Montenegro Coast

Ulcinj, Budva, Sveti Stefan, or Petrovac are just some of the resorts you can choose from for a family stay on the Montenegrin coast. However, a destination sought by family members for its tranquility, without having that “old” air that we usually meet in family seaside resorts, Petrovac is one of the greenest locations on the Adriatic coast. Green is not in an area with marine vegetation, but because of its sensation – pine forests and olive groves surround Petrovac. If you add some sand and the gorgeous, blue and, clear water, you will have all the ingredients for a relaxing vacation.

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