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Visitors to Croatia  stick to the sun-kissed beaches, the Hvar party scene, Dubrovnik’s old town, and Game of Thrones sites. Discovering hidden gems in Croatia that often slip through the average tourist’s itinerary is the focus of this article. Here we will share the untold stories of these beautiful off-the-beaten-track places.

1. Badija Island & Monastery

Badija Island & Monastery

Starting with Badija Island, we list some hidden gems in Croatia. Badija Island, nestled in the shimmering Adriatic Sea, boasts a historical monastery that surprises visitors like an unexpected plot twist in a book. First and foremost, Badija is not your usual island retreat. Nestled away from the touristy ruckus, it maintains its charm discreetly and intact. This gem’s shores remain relatively unsung without a flurry of beach umbrellas and sun loungers crowding them.

Add some adrenaline instead of taking the traditional boat route from Korčula. Take a kayak and paddle to Badija. This activity will provide you with a challenging arm workout (no need for the gym) and unmatched sea views as you paddle closer to the island.

2. Trakošćan Castle: Castle in the Clouds

Trakošćan Castle

Imagine a fairy tale castle sitting atop a hill, encircled by a dense forest and reflected in the calm waters of a lake below. This isn’t the backdrop for the upcoming Disney princess movie; it’s Trakošćan Castle, and Cinderella would be envious. Trakošćan Castle often stands in the shadow of its sunny coastal counterparts due to the abundance of coastal treasures in the Croatian tourism scene.

Situated in the northern regions of Croatia, it offers a charming deviation from the typical tourist route. When in Zagreb, make sure to go on a road trip, as it is one of the most underrated cities in Europe! You can reach it in just an hour’s drive. If you’re not into steering, jump on one of the trains or buses going in that direction. Calling all history buffs! Trakošća Castle, dating back to the 13th century, is filled with stories of noble families, knights, and possibly a ghost or two (no guarantees, though). Additionally, you’ll find the interior equally mesmerizing, boasting antique furniture, armory collections, and intricate frescoes that will have you humming medieval tunes in no time.

3. Postira Serenade

Postira Serenade

Postira is the kind of place where the sun doesn’t just set; it performs. The sea doesn’t just lap the shore; it serenades. Postira can captivate even the most dedicated city dwellers, drawing them into a seaside dance or getting them to hum along with the waves.

Postira on the northern coast of Brač Island hides like a true gem waiting to be discovered. This quaint fishing village provides an authentic slice of Croatian life, away from the swarm of selfie sticks, despite being overshadowed by its bigger and glitzier neighbors.

Depart from Split and board a ferry heading to Supetar on Brač Island. Now, the adventure becomes fun. After you touch the ground, you can enjoy a scenic 15-minute drive or a leisurely bus ride to Postira.

4. Dubovica Delight: Explore Crystal Clear Bays and Pebble Beaches

Dubovica Delight

Croatia excels at everything. Some spots, like Dubovica, often get overshadowed by its famed cities, illustrious islands, and celeb beaches. Dubovica nestles on the southern shores of Hvar Island, keeping its splendors to itself, making it a pristine escape for those looking beyond the guidebooks and striving to discover new hidden gems in Croatia.

You can reach the island from the town of Hvar by choosing a taxi boat that will take you there with the wind in your hair and the thrill of the sea. If you prefer staying on land, a quick drive and a leisurely walk downhill will take you to this charming beach paradise. Don’t forget to pack those sneakers; the trail might be unpredictable.

5. Dugi Otok Dreaming: Discovering the Secret Beaches and Forested Trails

Dugi Otok

The island’s name loosely translates to “Long Island.” But we prefer to refer to it as the “Long List of Reasons to Stay Forever.” This Croatian idyll doesn’t just have a sandy stretch; it blends clandestine coves, whispering woods, and tales as old as time. Dugi Otok stands out among Croatia’s star-studded Adriatic islands, portraying an elusive and enigmatic character. This destination may be overlooked compared to more glamorous islands. Still, it’s where the mainland’s energy takes a break, allowing nature’s beauty to shine.

Your gateway to this dreamland is Zadar, the coastal city. You can easily reach this oasis in about an hour and a half with regular ferries from Zadar. Close your eyes and imagine the journey. You can almost feel the sea breeze teasing your hair, right? Begin with the beaches, such as Sakarun Beach. Here, the sand feels as soft as a lullaby, and the waters shift shades faster than a chameleon in a color factory. Keep going. Delve deeper, both physically and metaphorically.

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