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Croatia’s secluded islands have undergone a transformation over the past few decades, evolving from a quiet and affordable option compared to Italy to becoming a top summer destination for Europe’s elite. Modern times see thousands of visitors daily flocking to towns like Dubrovnik, Split, and Hvar, especially during the summer holidays. However, Croatia still offers locations where you can escape from the increasing number of visitors. Locations exude untouched and pure beauty, with long days and insignificant nightlife. Croatia’s small size means that all of these secret islands are located within an hour or two of an international airport. The islands have a lovely aspect.

1. Vis Island

Vis Island

Many Croatians hold Vis dear to their hearts because it showcases the renowned and untouched beauty of the Dalmatian coast. Vis has not been promoted for tourism in the same way as its more well-known competitors due to its history as a military post during Yugoslavia. Vis has become one of Croatia’s top destinations for travelers seeking a peaceful getaway from the crowds of tourists.

The fantastic beaches, incredible cuisine, and absence of crazy parties make it a great destination.Planning to visit Hvar or Pag around this time. The most remarkable aspect of the city is Vis’s architecture. Remnants left behind by all the people who have visited the island cover its surface, from the Greeks and Romans to the Venetians and Austrians. Many Roman mosaics, Venetian villas, and breathtaking forts exist across the island.

2. Bisevo Island

Bisevo Island
Bisevo lies south of Vis, the furthest inhabited island in Croatia. This island measures about 6 square kilometers in total, making it one of the smallest along the Adriatic coast. However, some people still consider the island their home. Bisevo holds the title for being the most remote island from the Croatian mainland in terms of population. The Blue Cave, also known as Modra Spilja, is one of the most breathtaking features of the island. You can only reach this sea cave by boat since it is completely submerged. Imagine you visit in the late morning. You can witness one of the most stunning views of the Balkan Peninsula in that scenario. The sunlight reflects off the limestone interior, creating an ethereal explosion of blue and silver.

3. Lastovo Island

Lastovo Island

Lastovo stands out as one of the most isolated islands in the Adriatic Sea. It connects to the rest of the world solely through the port of Ubli, where vehicle ferries depart and arrive from Split multiple times a day. Lastovo is a place where technology is a legend, and Wi-Fi is seen as a luxury. However, Lastovo offers travelers a chance to avoid the crowds.

Even though it is tucked away, visitors can enjoy many things on this island. You can try fishing, a highly popular activity among the residents of Lastovo. Moreover, you have access to some amazing diving opportunities. Head to the area near Lastovo to spot dolphins, a rare sight in the Adriatic Sea, and explore the most diversified marine life in the region.

4. Sholta Island

Sholta Island

It’s somewhat surprising that Sholta doesn’t attract more tourists, given its proximity to Split, a popular tourist destination. Moreover, the island is a perfect day trip destination from Split due to its close proximity. Sholta’s agricultural heritage makes it a perfect place to savor some of Croatia’s most delicious meals and exceptional wines.

Additionally, the island produces virgin olive oil, which is considered among the finest in Europe, honey made from wild rosemary, and a sunset that is considered one of the most breathtaking and spectacular on the Adriatic coast. Sholta offers an excellent location for individuals seeking to explore the traditional way of life on the island, away from the typical tourist route, due to all these factors.

5. Brijuni Island

Brijuni Island
Josip Broz Tito, the former president of Yugoslavia, frequently visited Brijuni Island as his personal island retreat. They designated Brijuni as a national park after his passing. Dense woods engulf the lush island, surrounding hidden coves, with no permanent occupants. Explore the Roman ruins, floral gardens, dinosaur footprints, and safari parks on the island for an intriguing experience. You can spot several exotic creatures in the safari park. Global leaders from all over the world offered these animals to Tito, including an elephant gifted by Indira Gandhi.

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