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The capital of Belgium is a lively hub of cultural institutions, fine dining, and world-renowned museums. Brussels is a great place to visit if you like Gothic churches and local brews.

Discovering the city’s hidden depths is part of the fun. It’s where you might feel like you’re investigating Europe’s cultural and political center. Searching for some of the more offbeat attractions in Brussels? Then keep reading to learn where you can enter a vast atom, engage in urban diving, and come across some peeing sculptures.

1. The Grand Place, Brussels

Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

The best place to begin your journey to Brussels is this World Heritage Site. Dating back to the 15th century, Grand Place is home to some of the most impressive guild buildings in town.

The Town Hall is in the center of everything, and its distinctive clock tower is an excellent marker in case you get lost. Meanwhile, suppose you go inside the impressive Brussels City Museum. In that case, you’ll be treated to an array of works of art and historical objects that highlight the city’s rich past.

2. Observe the Royal Palace, Brussels

The Royal Palace in Brussels

One of the most unforgettable experiences in Brussels is seeing the Royal Palace. The King’s palace, which stands majestically at the end of a beautifully designed park, is Belgium’s center of royal life.

During the summer, visitors may take a guided tour and try to picture themselves as permanent residents. Explore the palace and take in the marble hallways, gilded mirrors, and luxurious suites.

3. Riding a bike around the Centennial Park, Brussels

Centennial Park, Brussels, Belgium

Explore historic areas on two wheels with a small group and learn about well-known sites and lesser-known wonders. The Grand Place and the European Parliament are also worth a visit, and you can refuel with fries along the way.

Stately, Cinquantenaire Park is the main attraction. The Triumphal Arch stands tall in the center of these groomed gardens, which were constructed in 1880 to mark 50 years of Belgian independence. You should go up high and take in the scenery.

4. Enjoy the finest chocolate available.

Belgian chocolate

Visit Choco-Story Brussels for an action-packed journey into the delicious world of Belgian chocolate. Learn how the Aztecs and the Mayans took the unassuming cocoa bean and turned it into a delicious chocolate bar. Because of their heritage, we may enjoy this tasty dessert now.

Visit the exhibits and then try your hand at making chocolate in the museum’s hands-on workshop. The first step on the path to becoming a master chocolatier is to learn to make pralines and lollipops.

5. Visit Mini-Europe Park and pretend you're a giant!

Mini Europe Park, Brussels, Belgium

Mini-Europe Park is a must-see attraction for families in Brussels. Visiting these miniature kingdoms based on accurate scale models is like going on a globe tour.

Examine the scale models of such famous landmarks as London’s Big Ben, Athens’ Acropolis, and France’s Eiffel Tower. Don’t miss the Berlin Wall collapse or Mount Vesuvius’s eruption brought to life by stunning special effects!

6. Explore Mont des Arts on foot in Brussels

Mont Des Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Mont des Arts, which links the city’s higher and lower sections, is home to a stunning view. Get your camera ready and climb the stairs to the fountain. Sunset is the perfect time to visit for a dash of romance.

Those who like art will enjoy a leisurely walk around this beautiful city park, where they can admire the sculptures and take in the scenery. The park is surrounded by beautiful buildings, the tallest of which is the bell tower of the nearby Neoclassical church.

7. Take a stroll in Laeken Park, Brussels

Laeken Park, Brussels, Belgium

Laeken Park, formerly used exclusively by the royal family, is home to several gardens and estates. Laeken, with its English-style landscaping, hosted the 1958 World’s Fair.

Amid the Florists’ Garden, which still retains greenhouses from the reign of King Leopold II, you may have a pleasant stroll while taking in the pleasant aroma of flowers. The views of the city from here are nothing short of breathtaking.

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