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The 14th of February is approaching and, with this date, the excuse of many to celebrate with a romantic plan. Many couples choose to escape to a charming destination for Valentine’s Day to make Valentine’s Day a special moment. Here is a list of the LOVEliest places in Europe to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Bridge of love, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia

Bridge of love, Serbia
As World War I drew closer, Nada, a Serbian schoolteacher, and Relja, a Serbian soldier, were engaged. Due to the war and the attraction to a Greek lady, Relja left the little Serbian village of Vrnjaka Banja and never returned.
Bridge of love, Serbia
Nada, who was heartbroken about the breakup of her relationship with another lady, succumbed to her grief and passed suddenly at a young age. Other women in Vrnjaka Banja, sensing their doom, started affixing padlocks to a nearby bridge with their names and the names of their partners. To prevent others from suffering the same fate as Nada, the bridge was covered in locks, and it serves as a poignant reminder of a love lost during World War I in Serbia.

2. The Kissing Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia

Valentine’s Day on Kissing Bridge, St. Petersburg, Russia
Although it will be necessary to deal with the cold that characterizes these lands in winter, the weather is a factor that does not stop many couples who deciding to visit Saint Petersburg on Valentine’s Day. This city is full of romantic corners, including the Kiss Bridge, built-in 1738. This bridge is a romantic enclave par excellence due to the stories told about it, such as those of the sailors who said goodbye to their partners here before they left by boat.

3. Visit Juliet's Balcony for Valentine’s Day, Verona, Italy

As a setting for the famous story of Romeo and Juliet, Verona can not fail to appear in a ranking of the most romantic destinations. Thus, many couples choose this Italian city to spend Valentine’s Day and take the opportunity to visit the balcony from where, according to the story, the Capulet girl watched over her loved one.

4. The Mausoleum, Teruel, Spain

Mausoleum, Teruel, Spain

The famous legend of the Lovers of Teruel has made this city one of the ideal Spanish destinations for a romantic trip. The love story between Isabel de Segura and Diego de Marcilla, which dates back to the 13th century, is even more present because today you can visit the Mausoleum dedicated to these lovers. And if you decide to stay in the city until a few days after Valentine’s Day, a special event adds to its usual atmosphere full of mystery, Isabel Segura’s Wedding. Here the history of Teruel lovers is relived with street performances in a medieval square (every year, between February 19-22).

5. Spend Valentine’s Day in Heidelberg, Germany

Heidelberg, Germany

If the perfect romantic destination includes a variety of impressive sights and quiet areas for walks, then this city is ideal for Valentine’s Day. If Heidelberg is not on your list of options, you should know that this place has a bit of everything. You can start your day by visiting one of the many museums in the city, including the Bonsai Museum or the Museum of Ethnography, and you can continue your cultural expedition with the impressive castle. For a well-deserved break, you can stop at a restaurant with traditional dishes. If you are in the mood for shopping and a long walk in pairs, I recommend you opt for the historic area of Heidelberg, called Altstadt.


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