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The big cities have been fighting for years against the congestion on the roads and are trying to encourage the choice of a less polluting means, namely the bicycle. Some of them succeeded. Authorities have devised innovative projects to suit their city’s infrastructure, such as new kilometers of tracks, specific markings, parking for cyclists, and all kinds of events dedicated to them. All this is for satisfied residents and for tourists who see the city from a different perspective. We have created a list of the five most bicycle-friendly cities in Europe to help you choose your next biking location:

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has earned the reputation of being the friendliest city for cyclists. In the capital of Denmark, the number of bicycles exceeds that of cars. A recent study shows that about 62% of Danes choose cycling to go to work, school, or just for a walk in the old town.

The authorities are not in vain, so the mayor’s office has introduced a rental system dedicated to commuters. These areas are Dybbolsbro Railway Station, Oslo Plads, Amager, and Norreport. In the last ten years, Copenhagen has invested about $134 million in 350 kilometers of cycling trails.

2. Stationsplein Bicycle Parking - Utrecht, The Netherlands

Utrecht, The Netherlands

While in other countries, the bike lanes are too few or even completely missing, in Utrecht, the most significant underground parking lot for cyclists has been built. The place is near the train station in Utrecht and is called Stationsplein Bicycle Parking. Authorities have proposed that by 2018, the underground garage will house 12,500 bicycles. Cyclists will be able to use this parking lot 24/24 hours, seven days a week, with a fee of 1.25 euros/day (the first 24 hours being free).

3. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The Dutch even have a cult of moving on two wheels. Amsterdam also proves it. In this city, cycling is a way of life. At the cafe, on the streets, at the intersections, along the canals, they are everywhere. At about 800,000, there are 900,000 bicycles. A real problem if we consider the possibility of parking them. However, the authorities are considering, in the future, extensive projects to solve these inconveniences.

4. Rent a bicycle in Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France
Strasbourg is the cycling city of the French. The town offers bike lovers the largest track network in France, about 560 kilometers. Well maintained, the broad slopes make it easier to access the sights of Strasbourg. It is good to know that bicycles can be rented from Velhop, here the rate for one hour is 1 euro, for 24 hours – 6 euros, and for one week – 18 euros.

5. Malmo, Sweden

Malmo, Sweden
The city of parks”, Malmo, so named because of the many parks here, offers you the opportunity to walk freely and enjoy a city with charm. And since the life of the Nordics would be impossible without bicycles, we find out that Malmo has 410 kilometers of bicycle network for cyclists, encouraging physical activity, a healthy lifestyle, less pollution with a greener environment, and, of course, sightseeing the hidden corners of the city, which you would not be able to see if traveling otherwise.

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