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Serbia might not be the first country that comes to mind when one thinks of a romantic getaway, but shame on you for such negative thoughts! This is as passionate as Europe is going to get, a state full of destinations perfect for amorous behavior.

Bridge of Love, Vrnjačka Banja

Bridge of Love, Vrnjačka Banja
Most Ljubavi is a pedestrian bridge in Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia. It is known as the earliest mention of the love padlocks tradition, where padlocks are left on the bridge railing by couples as sign of their everlasting love. The bridge was the meeting place of Nada and Relja, two young lovers from nearby, but everything went to hell when Relja was called off to fight in World War I. He met someone else, and Nada died of heartbreak.

Fantast Castle

Fantast Castle is located about 14 km from Bečej on the way to Bačka Topola, in the central part of Vojvodina. It is 60 km away from Novi Sad and 135 km from Belgrade. It is known as the Dunđerski castle, the most beautiful and luxurious castle in Vojvodina.

It was built in 1925 modeled on the French chateaux of the time in the neo-Gothic style with a dominant tower and four corner towers. The entire complex covers an area of about 65 hectares and includes a castle, a small castle, a St. George’s chapel in a neo byzantine style, farm, and horse racing park. The castle has one tall square tower with a magnificent view over the plains, as well as a few smaller cylindrical towers.

Castle is surrounded by a huge park, active stables with a horse farm and some utility buildings. The horse farm is one of the most popular in this part of Europe. Today the farm has about 80 animals in six stalls. The huge park has many different kinds of trees and paths for walking. Fantast Castle today functions as a hotel and visitors are available to use the tennis courts and there is a runway for small planes.

Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci

Where better to take the prettiest girl or boy than to the prettiest town in Serbia? Sremski Karlovci is another that sticks its name into the ‘Most Romantic Destination in Serbia’ hat with aplomb.

Sremski Karlovci has long held a position of importance within the Serbian nation, whether as the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Habsburg Monarchy or the political and cultural capital of Vojvodina in the 19th century.

This is a tiny town with plenty going on, with every street proving as enchanting as the last.

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