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These patches of land mirrors we call lakes are perfect destinations for so many types of activities. From picnics, relaxing sunbathing, to swimming and going on a boat ride, even water sports sometimes, lakes are such versatile travel destinations. Therefore we have prepared a list that includes the ten most spectacular lakes in Europe. Which one would you like to visit first?

1. Lake Königssee, Bavaria, Germany

Konigssee, Bavaria, Germany
The town of the same name is surrounded by the Watzmann Mountains, which are part of the Alpine chain, and Lake Königssee. Fascinating nature defines the dramatic landscape that Schönau offers. The town hall is one of the most famous attractions in the region.
In addition to its charming nature, hiking and boating, Schönau is also visited for its bobsleigh, toboggan, wellness, and spa centers.

2. Misurina, Italy

Misurina Lake, Italy
At 1754 meters above sea level, Misurina is a beautiful crystal clear lake. The air is so clean and fresh here that an asthma cure center has been set up in the lake area. The lakeside Grand Hotel Misurina offers world-class accommodation and services.

3.Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes National Park
The nature reserve is one of the main tourist attractions of the country. The mountainous landscapes and lakes with clear blue water make the place easily recognizable. The water erodes the calcareous structures, which leads to the appearance of karst formations. As a result, numerous waterfalls, caves, and lakes were formed. Wildlife is also very varied: thanks to very low pollution and animal protection, virgin nature is home to many species of animals.
There are several mountain trails: the main one crosses the entire park and takes 4-5 hours to cover. Boat trips allow you to explore the clear water and see what is hidden in it.

4. Lake Gjende, Jotunheimen, Norway

Lake Gjende

This proglacial lake is 18 kilometers long and is surrounded by steep mountains. Its emerald hue is given by the alluvium brought by the Muru River, which is deposited on the bottom of the lake. Tourists benefit from several facilities in this park, which makes it extremely popular.

Jotunheimen National Park is just one of the fantastic sites in Norway. It has different hiking trails and opportunities to climb mountains.

5. Myvatn, Iceland

This one is a shallow lake near an active volcano called Krafla, which looks beautiful from above. Its shores have what would be called false craters – formations that formed when the water beneath the earth’s surface exploded.

During the summer, a marathon is organized around the lake, and it gathers both participants and spectators. Obviously, coming here, you can admire the extraordinary views.

6. Lake Piora, Ticino, Switzerland

Ritom, Cadagno, and Tom are three lakes in this valley. Surrounded by mountain scenery, these alpine lakes offer a breathtaking view. At the same time, Lake Cadagno is meromitic, which means that it has layers of water that do not mix. There are only a few similar lakes in Europe. The valley can be reached by a funicular that offers unforgettable views. Visitors hike for three and a half hours and cover all three lakes. There are chalets where you can taste the famous local Piora cheese.

7. Eye of the Sea, Poland

Eye of the Sea, Poland
One of the largest and deepest lakes in the Tatra Mountains, it is surrounded by enchanting landscapes. It is the most popular tourist destination in the mountain range, attracting thousands of visitors every year. There is a tourist center and a chalet that offers visitors all the facilities.

8. Ringedalsvatnet, Norway

Trolltunga, Norway

The lake is located between the mountains, surrounded by very steep peaks. It is famous for its fascinating feature – Trolltunga, a stone that rises from the mountain parallel to the ground. You have the opportunity to visit two locations at once: the lake and the Trolltunga. This cliff offers an incredible view of the lake.

9. Lake Braies, Italy

Lake Braies is also known as the Pragser Wildsee and is located in the northern mountains of Italy, at an altitude of 1495 m. It has a depth of 36 m. Here is a 110-year-old hotel – Hotel Pragser Wildsee, a truly historical landmark with breathtaking views.
Braies, Italy

10. Lake Annecy, France

Known as “the cleanest lake in Europe” due to environmental regulations and actions in the early 1960s, Lake Annecy is like the icing on the cake of the Haute-Savoie region. Surrounded by mountains, villages, and mountain towns, the lake enjoys beautiful views and a mild climate. Formed 18,000 years ago by melting glaciers, the lake is about 14 km long, about 3 km wide, and 82 m deep. Its location on the border between France, Switzerland, and Italy is also very interesting. To the north, just 40 km from Annecy, lies Geneva and the famous Lake Geneva or Leman, as it is known in the French half.


Lake Como, Italy

Como Lake, Italy
It is no surprise that Italy is on almost every list of recommendations or tops when it comes to holidays. Known for its Mediterranean, mountain or rural, plain and hill landscapes, but also for the history and architecture of its cities, Italy captures a large part of tourists from all over the world. And now that we are talking about beautiful lakes, we have chosen to tell you something about Lake Como.
Lake Como, Italy

Just 50 km from Milan, in the same region of Lombardy, in a historic setting with old but well-preserved buildings, lies the well-known Lake Como. The beauty of the landscape, the popularity of the area, and the access facilitated by the regional transport routes have made Lake Como a tourist attraction. So don’t be surprised by the crowds, especially in spring and summer. Many photography enthusiasts come here to enjoy this idyllic setting of the lake and the chic towns along with it. Starting with the representative city of the same name, Como, and smaller ones such as Brunate, Cernobbio, Laglio, Brienno, Lenno, or – at the opposite end – Bellagio.

Due to its position in the geographical area, more precisely, located in the north of the boot, just a few kilometers from the border with Switzerland, Lake Como gathers a lot of visitors. Eager to visit both the lake and cities such as Milan, Bergamo, Verona, or even Turin, tourists are also attracted by the many connections they can make with visiting the lake. Even Switzerland, with its beautiful mountainous areas in the south, becomes very attractive and accessible, being just a stone’s throw away, as we said. The famous mountain resort of Saint Moritz is just 100 km northeast of Lake Como.

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