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For every European metropolis, there are hundreds of small European cities that can be the perfect place for magical excursions. From cities where castles take you back in time to an old settlement on the sea coast, here you will find ten small towns and destinations in Europe to add to your travel list.

1. Kefalonia island, Greece

Kefalonia island, Greece
Located south of the islands of Corfu and Lefkada, Kefalonia is famous for its sandy bays, Myrtos beach, Antisamos beach, and Melissani lake – ranked among the greatest natural wonders of Greece.

2. Tübingen, Germany

Tubingen, Germany
Tübingen has an incredible charm. This city is definitely one of the best destinations in Germany and one of the best in Europe. Just 40 minutes from Stuttgart, this city is part of Baden-Württemberg.

3. Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten Islands, Norway
The Lofoten Islands are a dream destination for many travelers from around the world. Located just 200 km from the Arctic Circle, the archipelago offers one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe.

4. Zell am See, Austria

Zell Am See, Austria
Situated between the turquoise lake Zell and the Schmittenhöhe mountain, the Austrian town of Zell am See is famous for its leisure activities: skiing and snowboarding in winter; swimming, cycling, and hiking in summer. Plus, the vintage Pinzgauer Lokalbahn train ride through the majestic alpine landscapes in any season.

5. Gangi, Sicily

Gangi, Sicilly
Gangi is a magical settlement with a castle on the hill and medieval and baroque churches at the foot of Mount Etna. For a somewhat macabre tour, descend to the underground tomb of the Mother Gangi Church, where are the crypts of mummified priests. The Italian commune has a little more than 6,000 inhabitants, so peace is guaranteed.

6. Obidos, Portugal

Obidos, Portugal
It is a walled city that exudes a charisma that has endured over the centuries. Wherever you go, the steep strips of stone revolve between whitewashed houses covered with terracotta tiles. You can also visit the castle of Óbidos, which is very well preserved.

7. Rovinj, Croatia

Rovinj, Croatia
The brightly painted buildings, winding streets, and a baroque church on the hill make the old port of Rovinj a highlight of the Istrian coast of Croatia. Here you can taste sardines, famous local truffles, or wine from Istrian Indian grapes.

8. Pyrgi, Greece

Pyrgi, Greece

Pyrgi stands out with an incredible xysta: – black and white geometric patterns – covering the buildings, arches, balconies, and bell towers of the city. Located on the beautiful Chios, Pyrgi is one of the largest producers of mastic – used to make liqueurs, beverages, food, and chewing gum – in the Aegean island.

9. Telč, Czech Republic

Telch, Czech Republic
The Czech Republic has many tiny cities that seem to spring from a folk tale. One not to be missed is Telč, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near the border with Moravia and Bohemia. The refined historic center of the city, anchored by a renaissance castle, seems to be the fantasy creation of a Hollywood set designer.

10. Sozopol, Bulgaria

Sozopol, Bulgary
This ancient city is a maze of cobbled streets and red houses overlooking the turquoise sea. In Sozopol, there are beaches with fine sand, a picturesque harbor lined with boats, but also many dishes of Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, the late summer Apollonia Arts Festival is a showcase for Bulgarian and world artists.

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