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Romania is a splendid country. After all, it offers truly extraordinary views, because it gives the possibility to enjoy both the mountains and the sea, and, consequently, you do not have to visit another country to have a dream vacation.

Considering that when it comes to Romania and its beauties, the possibilities are innumerable, we thought to review only some of the most interesting cities, where you can wander the streets enjoying quiet mornings and afternoons full of color. So, here are 5 of the most beautiful cities in Romania.

1. Sibiu, Romania

Sibiu, Romania

Located in the Transylvania region, very close to the center of the country, the air of Sibiu conquers you from the first meeting. The city was established by German settlers in 1191, and its borders were inhabited, over time, by Germans, Hungarians, and Romanians.

Sibiu is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful cities in Romania. Its ancient architecture is stunning, and the Clock Tower or Cathedral Tower offers some of the most amazing views of the city. Arriving in Sibiu, walk around the old town, walk to the Great Square, in use since the fifteenth century, and admire the Baroque buildings, including the Brukenthal Palace, one of the most valuable museums in Romania. Above all, visit the ethnographic museum. It is the most representative way in which you can see how Romanians from different regions of the country have lived for centuries. The only disadvantage would be that in Sibiu there is no nightlife.

2. Brașov

Brasov, Romania

When you say Brașov, you mean Bran Castle, the castle that inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula. But Brașov does not mean only that. Another important city in Transylvania, Brașov has been inhabited since the Neolithic period. Its constructions were made by German settlers in the first half of the last millennium. It is one of the few cities in Romania that enjoys an intense promotion due to the tourists who visit it annually.

The beauty of Brașov is highlighted not only by the gorgeous, natural landscapes but also by many beautiful churches to visit, in addition to the Peleș and Bran castles. Castles within walking distance. Between the houses covered with brown tiles, like a uniform, you see how the mountains rise and their density of trees. Few places blend perfectly into the natural landscape, as happens in Brasov. No wonder it is one of the famous cities in Romania, known abroad.

3. Suceava, Romania

Suceava, Romania

The sights you can see in Suceava tell you clearly that this was once a royal city. Suceava was, in fact, the capital of the Principality of Moldova for almost 200 years. So here you can see the ruins of the Citadel of Suceava, the Royal Court of Suceava, and the Scheia Fortress.
These are truly spectacular places that give you another overview of the city and its past.

Also here, you can go to the Bucovina Village Museum – an open-air museum, where you can find traditional buildings from all over Bucovina, the region where the city is located. There are also many other beautiful sites worth seeing, including many churches, whose city-specific architecture makes you feel the thrill of any other known European city break destination.

4. Iași

Iasi, Romania

Iasi follows the Romanian model of a history full of different ethnic groups, and each group left a small mark here. Until World War II, the city had a very large Jewish population. It boasts a fascinating range of religious buildings from various groups, including the oldest surviving synagogue in Romania, an Armenian Orthodox church and several monasteries.

Iasi is one of the few cities in Romania and the Orthodox world, with over 100 churches. The oldest, the Royal Church of St. Nicholas, dates from the reign of Stephen the Great. The most beautiful are, however, the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. Paraschiva and the Church of the Three Hierarchs, the last curious example of Byzantine art, built in 1635-1639 by Vasile Lupu.

5. Sighișoara

Sighisoara, Romania

Listed in the UNESCO patrimony, the medieval fortress Sighisoara is today one of the most famous tourist attractions in Romania for foreign visitors, but also Romanians. The defense towers belonging to the various guilds that lived in the city (Tailors Guild, Shoemakers, etc.), the stone wall that surrounds it, and the access gates so well preserved are the ones that keep the medieval charm that surrounds you once you pass the Tower with the clock.

In the fortress, you will discover only alleys paved with cubic stone, renovated old Saxon houses, but keeping their old characteristics and very few cars. If people dressed as knights and princesses, you would feel teleported in centuries past.

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