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Even though it is one of our favorite towns, Barcelona is increasingly being stereotyped as little more than another Spanish party town. It’s too bad since the city offers more than just beaches and partying. Sticking to the beaten path is unnecessary because your Spanish is rusty (or nonexistent). Instead of that, go discover the world! Nothing may be waiting for you around the next crooked block of bricks.

Here are our recommendations if you want to see more of Barcelona than its churches, beaches, and crowded streets.

1. Avoid Barcelonetta Beach at all costs!

Barcelona Beach, Spain

The beaches in Barcelona are the main attraction for most visitors. Don’t be drawn into the maelstrom of tourists at nearby Barceloneta Beach. Even though it’s a short distance from La Rambla and many city hotels, you’ll discover that it becomes rather congested, with club promoters, mojito vendors, and massage therapists constantly harassing you. However, the Playa del Coco, Playa Badalona, and other beaches farther out tend to attract a more local audience. You may relax on your towel or have an impromptu game of volleyball without worrying about being bothered by too many vendors. If you’ve got the time, you may stroll out to them; if not, Barcelona’s huge bus and metro networks will bring you there quickly and easily.

2. Try some delicious tapas.

Spanish tapas

They are not the stale, expensive tapas in most La Rambla restaurants and pubs but among our favorites. Everyone has their own establishment for tapas, and we like to go a little farther from Avenida Parallel to the charming Carrer de Blai. There are several restaurants to eat at that specialize in tapas. Because each tapa costs just €1, you may sample many dishes without breaking the bank. La Xampanyeria is another favorite tapas since they serve local and delicious cava. Although it may become busy, this is a nice location to go with friends to share tapas and cava and take turns purchasing drinks.

3. Get out to Montserrat

Montserrat, Spain
This monastery, located in the hills outside of Barcelona, is a favorite destination for day trips by both visitors and residents. Besides its religious significance, the area is also wonderful for hiking, which is why so many people make the journey here. Amazing as it is to see the nature around you at daybreak, the area is still magnificent at any time of day. Cable cars and funiculars will take you the last 4,000 feet to the peak, so don’t worry about making the ascent on foot.

4. Ascend Mont Juc.

Montjuic, Barcelona, Spain
It’s incredible to obtain a decent picture of Barcelona due to its uneven building designs and construction on a slight slope, creating several strata. Taking a boat out on the lake is a popular way to see Barcelona, but we like seeing the city from above. However, the W Hotel doesn’t force you to buy pricey beverages. The rocky terrain makes for various scenic lookouts; even in the city’s heart, Mont Juc offers a breathtaking panorama. When the weather is nice, it’s also a wonderful picnic spot.

5. Go Market Shopping

Barcelona Market, Spain
Barcelona is home to various high-end boutiques selling name-brand goods worldwide. The Boqueria Market on La Rambla is a must-see for every tourist in Barcelona. One of the finest ways to immerse yourself in the local culture is to get a bite to eat and people-watch at one of the city’s many smaller markets, which sell everything from food to apparel. Els Encants Vells is a famous flea market, and it’s also rather old for a European flea market. Or you may visit the Mercat de Sant Antoni, which is conveniently situated in the heart of the city but is visited mostly by residents hoping to save money on fresh vegetables and other groceries.

6. Explore the city on two wheels.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is a wonderful city to explore on foot, although it is rather large. A bike tour is a great option to see more of Barcelona than just the Gothic Quarter. They are suited for people of all fitness levels, and Free Bike Tour Barcelona will take you to all the top spots in the city while also providing interesting background on the sights you’ll visit. In addition, all of their guides are locals with extensive area knowledge. They can provide excellent advice for the remainder of your stay. And the cherry on top? While gratuities are always welcome, both the tour and bike rental are offered at no cost to you.

7. Take a walk at Parc de la Ciutadella.

Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona, Spain
While La Sagrada Familia, Parc Gull, and other of Barcelona’s iconic Gaudi monuments are well worth seeing, the crowds and tension they might cause deter some visitors. On a nice day, our favorite thing is to pack a picnic and go to the Parc de la Ciutadella. The park’s unusual architecture dates back to the late 19th century, and the landscape is stunning. If you’re searching for a fun spot with your family that isn’t the beach, this park has a zoo and a small lake where you can rent boats.

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