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For the most part, European safari consists of ice adventures, notably in Scandinavia’s extreme northern regions, but there is not only cold. Keep warm whether sailing, kiteboarding, dog sledding, or trekking through Poland, Greenland, Scotland, or Norway with a thick coat and hat. Seals, whales, and dolphins may be found in large numbers, as can musk-oxen, reindeer, and polar bears.

1. Safari with lions, zebras, and giraffes in Holland

Lion Safari, Holland
No, the climate has not changed overnight, just as zebras have not moved from Africa to Europe. But you can see them in the south of the Netherlands, in the Safaripark Beekse Bergen park, a zoo with over 1250 animals of 150 species. You can visit the park on foot, with your own car, bus or boat or even attend a bird show, much appreciated by tourists.

2. Bears, wolves, frogs, and foxes in Norway

Wolf Safari, Norway
If you want to visit northern Norway – especially in the hot months of Europe – you must visit Polar Park in Bardu, Tromso. Here the animals live in their natural habitat, so you will see especially those that live in the Arctic. And if you intend to get here in the cold season (when you can take the opportunity to see the Northern Lights), everything will be even more spectacular: it is the period when the animals are much more active.

3. Safari with elephants, bison, and hippos in Italy

Elephant Safari, Italy
When you go on holiday to Bari, stop for a day at Fasano, the town that hosts ZooSafari. Besides tigers, lions, and bears, you will also see flamingo birds, llamas, elephants, and much more. ZooSafari is visited by car, and some of the animals will be curious and close. There are also areas where you are not allowed to open the windows for safety.

4. Camels, kangaroos, and deer in Turkey

Camel Safari, Turkey
The largest zoo in Turkey, Gaziantep, is located in the southeast of the province of the same name. Within it, the first safari park in Turkey was opened, where you can see over 200 animals of 70 species living in a habitat as close as possible to the natural one: camels, llamas, kangaroos, or deer walk freely in this park.

5. Safari with monkeys, sea lions, and elephants in England

Monkey Safari, England
If you arrive in Woburn, Bedfordshire, rent a car and visit the local safari park or take a walk in the areas where this is allowed. You will see monkeys, sea lions, elephants, but also birds, reptiles, or spectacular insects. There are over 1000 animals, so you can spend a whole day here.

6. Safari with lynxes and birds in Piatra Craiului, Romania

Lynx Safari, Romania
Romania comes to mind while thinking of European animals. The Romanian highlands are home to two-thirds of Europe’s bear population, as well as the majority of wolves, chamois, and lynx, as well as a staggering variety of bird species.

7. Sailing safari to see orcas in Portugal's Azores

Orcas Safari, Portugal

Whales breed in the Azores’ crystal-clear seas, but visitors may also witness Fin, Blue, Pygmy, Blue, Pilot, and Orca Whales. You may see sharks and turtles as well as dolphins.

8. High Tatra Mountains, Slovakia

Marmot Safari, Slovakia
This untamed land is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful and pristine ecosystems. Overlooking frozen lakes, look for marmots, bears, eagles, and other birds of prey, including the endangered brown bear. There are around 300 bears in this population, making it one of the finest big animal populations in Europe.

9. Safari with Musk-Oxen in Greenland

Musk Oxen Safari, Greenland
From the village of Kangerlussuaq at the head of the country’s third-longest fjord, hire a husky team or rent a snowmobile. Exploring the noble musk ox’s natural habitat will increase your chances of seeing reindeer and Arctic foxes. It’s very cold, yet here is where you’ll find the northern lights.

10. The Scottish Isles of Orkney

Bird Safari, Scotland
This archipelago is very productive, and it is home to an incredible variety of bird species. So get out your bird book and start counting the guillemots, razorbills, puffins, kittiwakes, and other breeding birds.

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