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Barcelona has long been one of Europe’s most desirable tourist destinations. Guell Park, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, La Rambla, Casa Batllo, and countless more are just a few of the many reasons why millions of tourists flock to the Catalan capital every year. And as you might expect from a city of Barcelona’s size and diversity, there are plenty of offbeat attractions and activities to enjoy that aren’t featured in the standard travel guides. This article will highlight several unique, less-visited spots in Barcelona that are ideal for those searching for a break from the typical tourist traps in the Catalan metropolis.

1. Barcelona Ghosts and Legends Tour

The Barcelona Ghosts and Legends Tour
The Barcelona Ghosts and Legends Tour is perfect if you enjoy learning about the city’s dark history, touring haunted locations, and listening to local tales and legends.

2. Tour of Jewish Landmarks

Jewish Quarter, Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, like many other major European cities, has a significant, albeit primarily forgotten, Jewish history and culture. On this tour, you’ll see some of Barcelona’s most significant Jewish history places and hear fascinating stories about the city’s Jewish past that few people know. One of the best excursions in Barcelona, this one is led by a native and lasts for two hours.

3. Experiencing Barcelona's Past Through Its Medieval Architecture

Medieval Barcelona Tour
The Medieval Barcelona Tour is perfect for history enthusiasts and those who adore excursions that transport them to another era. They’ll show you some of Barcelona’s lesser-known streets, sites, and plazas while imparting some knowledge about the city’s past. The famous Medieval tour of Barcelona and its neighboring villages is also available.

4. Explore Gaudi's Casa Vicens

Casa Vicens, Barcelona, Spain
You’ve likely heard of Park Guell and Sagrada Familia, two of Antonio Gaudi’s most well-known buildings, even if you’ve never been to Barcelona. People tend to overlook that Gaudi was responsible for designing more than ten structures in Barcelona (and a few in Northern Spain as well). El Casa Vicens, the first building Gaudi ever created, is one of these lesser-known structures. The building exemplifies Gaudi’s early talent for fusing styles, evident in his early work.

5. Check Out One of Europe's Most Stunning Medical Facilities

Sant Pau Hospital, Barcelona, Spain
This subtitle may read like a joke, but please don’t take it that way. Our point is that Sant Pau Hospital, one of Europe’s most famous art nouveau buildings, has a stunning aesthetic. The building’s facade is particularly striking, with sculptures, domes, stained-glass windows, and attractive pavilions that invite exploration.

6. Investigate a Relic of the Roman Empire

Temple of Augustus, Barcelona, Spain

Among the city’s lesser-known attractions is a Roman temple dedicated to Augustus, which should not be overlooked while discussing Barcelona’s alternative attractions. This ancient temple was built in the first century B.C., but the passage of time has not been good for it. Only a few Corinthian pillars, each measuring 9 meters in height, remain today.

This temple is unique because, unlike many other Roman structures, it was not demolished and rebuilt atop an earlier structure. The location is now held by the Hiking Club of Catalonia, which oversaw the restoration of the columns and the construction of a visitor-friendly courtyard with a classical appearance. The temple’s ruins are located at number 10 on Carrer Paradis in the Gothic Quarter. We highly doubt anyone who walks by them would recognize the building’s significance without first reading about it.

7. See the Castellers Construct a Tower Out of Humans

The Castellers, Barcelona, Spain

Suppose you’re searching for some truly unique experiences during your time in Barcelona. In that case, you should definitely check out the Castellers as they construct a human tower. Groups of people (of varying ages and sizes) known as “Castellers” perform at most of Barcelona’s street fairs and festivals. As part of their performance, they stack human beings from tallest to shortest (the last layers usually consist of children).

Santa Eulalia (February), the Gracia Festival (August), La Merced (September), etc., are just some of the many events and festivals where you can catch a performance by a Castillo. They spend much of the year preparing for competitions at the city’s biggest festivals, where they aim to create the tallest human towers they can. Their performance is captivating to witness regardless of the outcome.

8. Observe a Flamenco Show at No Cost

Flamenco show, Barcelona, Spain
Visiting Spain without taking in a Flamenco performance would be a huge mistake. We don’t know about you, but we could sit and watch the dancers for hours while listening to the beautiful melodies played on the Spanish guitar and the hypnotic voices of the singers. There are many venues to witness a Flamenco show. Still, sometimes the experience is greatly enhanced by the lack of spectators.

9. Get Drunk in an Enchanted Wood

Bosc de les fades, Barcelona, Spain
While this may not be a genuinely Catalan cultural experience, it does fit nicely on Barcelona’s list of offbeat activities. Bosc de Les Fades is a peculiar pub styled after a mystical forest with gnomes, fairies, and enchanted trees. The bar’s decor is so distinctive that it’s like finding a little haven in the middle of the concrete jungle. The food is excellent, and they have a wide variety of beers and cocktails.

10. Enjoy a 30-Course Meal.

Disfrutar restaurant, Barcelona, Spain

A genuine two-Michelin-star restaurant with a 30-course menu may be found in the heart of Eixample (on C. de Villarroel). A meal at Disfrutar, one of Barcelona’s finest restaurants, won’t come cheap, but it will be well worth it. If you’re a severe eater searching for unique activities in Barcelona, don’t miss out on this.

It will take you around three to four hours to finish all of the tastings, but it will be time well spent. This is one of the top restaurants in town, so you may want to call ahead and make a reservation.

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