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Ports in Europe are still important centuries later, despite the fact that maritime trade has been around for a long time. Most of these cities are sunny, bright places where you can go on a getaway in the summertime, but have you ever wondered how they look like during wintertime? If you did, this is the perfect article for you, so keep reading!

1. Bordeaux in wintertime is lovely

Bordeaux, France
Once owned by the English, Bordeaux’s ports were essential in the wine industry. You may see the vestiges of the wine traders and negotiators in the buildings along the Gironde river if you visit this lovely city for wine. When Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry of Plantagenet wed in 1152, it was the beginning of the Aquitaine region’s union with the English crown. In the European wine trade, this relationship was crucial.

2. London

London, UK
A significant seaport, both historically and now. To go to England from here, you’ll need a ticket to this city. This port city, which was once the center of the British Empire, is still a major metropolis in the contemporary world. The Thames river, which is still utilized today to move people and products, sits at the core of it all. You may learn more about London’s maritime history at the Guildhall library.

3. Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden
Wow, this is a lovely city in Sweden’s capital. It’s awe-inspiring every time. In the warmer months, you may visit the Vasa Museum and/or the islands in the Stockholm archipelago for a marine experience. The Slussen station in Södermalm is where many of the big cruise ships land. Stockholm’s port also sells tickets to Finland and Estonia.

4. Amsterdam in wintertime is huge ice rink

Amsterdam, Netherlandsv
There are canals and houseboats in the Dutch capital city, but it started off as a modest fishing community. The Dutch East India Company’s influence may be seen in the Rijksmuseum’s artwork and the many Indonesian eateries that dot the city. In the summer, Amsterdam is full of life and colorful flowers, boats, and bikes, but in the wintertime, it is a spectacular fairytale of white and blue.

5. Gothenburg in wintertime looks like a fairytale

Gothenburg, Sweden
The city in Sweden where people have the most fun is called Uppsala. The Dutch, who were masters of marshland construction, began Gothenburg’s city planning in the 1600s. The many waterways winding through the city’s core are evidence of their impact. Going back to the days of the Swedish East India Company is a fascinating experience at the marine museum in Gothenburg.

6. Malta


In the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a jewel. Many civilizations have come and gone throughout the ages to utilize Malta as their fort city, going back to the Phoenicians circa 700 BCE, and many more have subsequently invaded and occupied the island over the centuries. The historical importance of this little European island country is intriguing to everyone interested in European history. Around Valletta, Malta’s capital, huge cargo containers and cruise ships are parked.

7. Hamburg in wintertime is taking your breath away

Hamburg, Germany
Large cargo containers and ships are parked along the Elbe river in this German city. Hamburg is surrounded by water. If you’re a nautical history fan, Hamburg is a must-visit place. It is absolutely gorgeous in the summer, but in winter, it can literally take your breath away with its beauty.

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