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Moldova is a European nation, which could surprise you if you aren’t a geography buff. It’s not surprising that you haven’t heard of Moldova; being one of the least visited nations in the world, it ranks towards the bottom of the popularity rankings even among European countries. Nevertheless, there are many exciting things about Moldova that everyone should know. We wrote this article—to acquaint you with Moldova and share some of its fascinating history and culture.

1. Moldova is Europe's least-visited nation.

Republic of Moldova

Moldova is undoubtedly the least visited country in Europe and one of the least visited nations worldwide, with just 150,000-180,000 foreign visitors each year. Consider how simple it is for Europeans to visit neighboring nations; this finding is a surprise. However, although foreign immigration increased between 2010 and 2020, they have begun to fall again in Moldova in the wake of the global epidemic.

We still think Moldova is a great and undervalued nation, and this collection of exciting tidbits should convince you why you should go there. Personally, one of the best things about traveling to Moldova is…

2. A Glass of Wine

Moldovan wine
Vine crops cover over a quarter of a million acres in Moldova, or more than 112,000 hectares. Codru (in the center of the country), Stefan Voda (in the southeast), Valuj luj Trajan (in the southwest), and Balti (in the north) are the four recognized wine-producing areas in Moldova. The people of Moldova are justifiably proud of their nation’s long tradition of winemaking, which goes back to at least 3000 B.C. Indeed, Moldovans are so enamored with wine that they have…

3. A Complete Wine-Filled City Below Ground

Moldovan Wine

Vintners from all over the world look to Cricova Underground City as a representation of Moldovan wine. Over 70 kilometers of galleries may be found in Cricova. Dionis, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Feteasca, and many more streets in Cricova are named after varietals of wine. Approximately 10 kilometers separate this city from the country’s capital, Chisinau. Thousands of gallons of wine are housed within, maintained at ideal temperatures of 12-14 degrees Celsius and humidity levels of 97-98%.

Urban legend states that in 1966, the famous astronaut Yuri Gagarin visited the basements and needed help getting out two days later (because he was too drunk). Also well recognized is the fact that it was here that Russian President Vladimir Putin turned the big 5-0.

4. The Biggest Wine Cellar on the Planet

Milestii Mici, The Republic of Moldova

Milestii Mici of Moldova has the world’s most extensive wine cellar, according to Guinness World Records. Close to two million bottles of wine are stored in these underground vaults. This collection’s most expensive drinks may cost as much as €480. The bottles are stashed away in 55 kilometers of tunnels dug out during Soviet-era lime mining activities in Moldova. Since 1968, these cellars have been utilized to keep a growing collection of wines in perfect condition.

5. Considered to be among Europe's oldest religious buildings is...

Orheiul Vechi, Republica Moldova
Orheiul Vechi is the oldest monastery in Europe and one of Moldova’s most significant historical sites. More than two thousand years ago, monks constructed this outdoor monastery. Although it is not in its original form, Europe’s collapsing ruins of monasteries, old fortresses, and other buildings are interesting and sometimes overlooked.

6. Eastern Europe's Largest Monastery

Tipova Monastery, Moldova
The Tipova Cave Monastery is the biggest in Eastern Europe. It may be found on the rocky coast of the Nistru River. Even though the monastery was founded in the sixth century A.D., it lay in ruins for centuries until being renovated in 1756. Indeed by now, you’re beginning to see that Moldova is a country with a wealth of history to explore.

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