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Despite the fact that Europe is abundant in natural beauty, we must acknowledge that it is the cities that keep us returning to the continent on a regular basis. This collection of European capitals has more than enough culture, gastronomy and architecture, as well as cobblestone streets and mountain views, to fill a multi-week itinerary. You should be warned that they may even inspire you to contemplate making a permanent migration across the world. From Skopje to Zagreb, here are the 5 most stunning, but overlooked capitals in Europe, listed in no particular order.

1. Skopje, Macedonia

Skopje, Macedonia
Skopje is a charming city with a lot to offer. All of Skopje’s Ottoman and Byzantine-era attractions are concentrated around the city’s charming area, which is flanked by the 15th-century Kameni Most (Stone Bridge) and the Tvrdina Kale Fortress which has served as Skopje’s watchtower since the 5th century. Don’t miss out on the fantastic dining and drinking options in Debar Maalo, which is a gorgeous tree-lined neighborhood.
Skopje, Macedonia

2. Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv is the world’s most undervalued and neglected capital when it comes to tourism, and it deserves to be recognized as such!

It is a treasure trove for all visitors and travelers that come to visit. Kyiv is a city where you can wander the streets and admire 1000 years of magnificent architecture, enjoy the wild nightlife to the fullest, relax on sandy river beaches, socialize and make new friends – you can even drive a tank for an adrenaline rush, among other things.

3. Bratislava, Slovakia

A lively city with winding alleys and little but majestic structures, Bratislava is located on both sides of the Danube in Slovakia’s southwestern region, on the banks of the river. Given the area’s rural character, a herd of sheep grazing in Frantikánske Square on a hot day wouldn’t seem out of place on that particular occasion. Slovakia’s town planners were able to condense a city’s worth of palaces, stores, cafés, bars, restaurants, and museums into a few blocks, demonstrating their mastery of the art of condensing an entire city into a few blocks.

4. Warsaw, Poland

Every city has a landmark that serves as its focal point and is a must-see on every visit. The Old Town of Warsaw, which has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, has been the city’s beating heart for centuries and is where the city’s heart continues to beat today.
However, as you cross the Vistula River and look at the Old Town from a distance, you are struck by how strange the city’s perspective is – skyscrapers soar over the red rooftops of the Old Town – and how unique the city is. Historical structures coexist peacefully with contemporary structures, and the city continues to surprise us by showing its second face to us.

5. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

When many individuals consider visiting Croatia, they generally begin their search at the prominent tourist destinations of Hvar or Dubrovnik. It is easy to miss Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb since it is hidden away in the shadows of the coast or neighboring islands, but the city’s magnificent sights and plenty of attractions make it an ideal destination for a vacation abroad.

In this desired destination, there is something for everyone. From bizarre and unique attractions such as the Museum of Torture and the Museum of Broken Relationships to numerous historic buildings such as Zagreb Cathedral and the Church of St. Mark’s, there is something for everyone.

However, although Zagreb is a wonderful city to visit for a city break, it is preferable to visit during the cooler months of the year if you are seeking a beach vacation in Croatia. September is the best month to visit since both the scorching temperatures and the number of tourists begin to decline as the summer season draws to a close.

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