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Turkey is a great destination since it is a remarkable country with many intriguing sights. During your 5-day Classic Tour of Turkey, you’ll witness spectacular sights, each more magnificent than the previous. During your days in Turkey, you will learn about and enjoy the country’s rich history, culture, and food. You may easily go throughout the nation for filming in a minibus.

There are many interesting locations to visit in Turkey. Still, this trip will take you to some highlights, such as Ephesus, the Pamukkale hot springs, and Pergamon’s Acropolis. This journey will show you the best of Turkey’s offers.

1. First day: Troy and Pergamon's Acropolis

Pergamon Acropolis, Turkey

For the first day, you’ll take a trip to ancient Troy, well known for the mythical Trojan Horse, and how invaders used it to overcome the city’s defenses. Although the precise location of Troy has been the subject of considerable debate throughout the years, scholars have finally settled on the impressive remains at Hissarlik as the likely site of the original city.

It’s time to take a breather and have lunch after a morning of marveling at the sight and learning about Troy’s rich history. The afternoon of the excursion is spent at the breathtaking Pergamum Acropolis, where you may snap pictures of the antique columns against the clear blue sky.

Although Pergamum’s heyday as a major cultural and political hub has passed, it is nevertheless an interesting place to visit for what it represents. You may unwind after the day’s activities with a delicious meal at the hotel before retiring for the night.

2. Day 2: Ephesus and Kusadasi

Ephesus, Turkey

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World is located at Ephesus. This city was formerly part of ancient Greece. The historical significance of the archaeological sites makes them fascinating destinations for tourists. The magnificent Library of Celsus will undoubtedly highlight your guided tour of the historic city. The theater and the Temple of Artemis are also worth seeing. Still, the library was constructed about 100 AD and is quite remarkable.

After lunch, you should visit Sirince, renowned for its exquisite fruit wines. Carpet weaving has a long history in Turkey, and this site will teach you how to make and appreciate these works of art. We’ll wrap off the day by taking you to the beautiful seaside resort town of Kusadasi, where you can relax and enjoy some traditional Turkish fare like Manti, Iskender, and Sis Kebab.

3. Day 3: Pamukkale and Hierapolis

Pamukkale and Hierapolis, Turkey

Have a delicious breakfast at the hotel and then visit a neighboring artisanal factory where leather products are crafted by hand by local artisans. The next stop is the breathtaking Pamukkale, whose name translates to “cotton castle” in Turkish. Named after the area’s distinctive white calcium terraces, this environment is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Your tour of the ancient city of Hierapolis, next to the dazzling white terraces, will follow your time spent taking in the breathtaking scenery. The well-preserved, spectacular theater is only one of many fascinating attractions. Other highlights are the Necropolis and the Domitian Gate.

Soak in the beautiful blue waters of Pamukkale’s hot springs, revered by the Romans for their curative properties, and call it a day.

4. Day 4: Konya, on the Silk Road

The Silk Road, Konya

On the fourth day of your Turkey trip, you will take a minibus ride down the Silk Road, a historic trading route that once united East and West. The Sultanhani Caravansary, built during the Seljuk era, is a fascinating example of how ancient merchants and traders were housed and guarded.

After that, you should definitely see the amazing Mevlana Museum in Konya. The shrine of the renowned Persian Sufi poet Rumi is in this fascinating museum. You have to see the architecture to believe it; a lot of it was created by Suleiman the Magnificent. Learn more about Turkey’s history and culture by exploring this historic Korans, prayer mats, and musical instruments collection.

5. Day 5: Ankara, Istanbul

Ankara, Istanbul, Turkey

After a last breakfast in Konya, your journey will conclude in the nation’s capital, Ankara. Anitkabir is the spectacular tomb of Turkey’s modern founding father, and your guide will show you around. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is revered in Turkey, and a trip to his tomb is an excellent way to learn about the country’s rich history and vibrant culture.

Minibuses will return you to Istanbul, where your tour will end, and you may start your own independent exploration of this great city. If you are curious about more attractions, check out our other articles on this beautiful country.

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