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In April, Europe is at its most gorgeous. The hills and streets are awash with vibrant hues, morphing into living artworks at every turn. There are more gardens in Europe than anywhere else, including French, English, and Italian gardens. A trip to Europe in spring or summer would not be complete without seeing one of these ten most beautiful gardens there.

1. The Gardens of Versailles, France

The Gardens of Versailles, France
Versailles’ gardens are among the most beautiful in Europe. The Versailles Gardens are spread out across an area of 800 hectares. Visitors from throughout the globe are wowed by the meandering walks, 35 kilometers of water canals, and sculptures. Indeed, Versailles is an excellent day trip from Paris, and you will be awed by its splendor when you arrive.

2. Keukenhof Flower Fields, The Netherlands'

Keukenhof Flower Fields, The Netherlands'

Keukenhof park is home to more than 7 million Dutch tulips each spring. From late April through early May, the world’s most extensive floral garden is available to the public. In the Netherlands, the blooming of the tulips is one of the country’s most anticipated festivals.

3. The gardens of the Villa D'este, Rome, Italy

Villa D'este, Rome, Italy

The Ville d’Este gardens in Tivoli, Italy, are a spectacular example of Italian Renaissance design. This beautiful garden is a part of Europe’s UNESCO World Heritage List. The Garden of 1000 Fountains is about 30 kilometers from Rome and is open all year. This is a beautiful garden with a tiered design and water fountains that play hydraulic music.

4. Isola Bella Gardens, Italy

Isola Bella Gardens, Italy

In the center of Lake Maggiore, you’ll find the Isola Bella Gardens. Beautiful examples of Baroque palaces and gardens may be seen in the Borromean Islands off the coast of Northern Italy.

The Borromean Gulf’s temperate environment allows the Isola Bella gardens to host various unusual and exotic plants. In addition, ponds, fountains, and even white peacocks will complete the magnificent scenery for your vacation photos.

5. Petrin Hill, Prague

Petrin Hill, Prague

To escape the hordes of visitors, go to Petrin Hill. The lush greenery and meandering roads leading to the stunning views of Prague’s bridges and castle make this area unique. The Petrin Hill tower, which can be found at the top of the trails in the gardens, provides stunning views over the city. The park of Petrin Hill are among the finest in Europe. Spending a day or two just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful scenery is easy.

6.The gardens of Marqueyssac, France

Marqueyssac, France

The suspended gardens of Marqueyssac, France, are perhaps the most remarkable in Europe. Andre le Notre, the mastermind behind the one of Versailles, designed this breathtaking vista of the Dordogne Valley.

The topiary art of 150,000 hand-trimmed boxwoods, arranged in a maze-like network of walkways, makes these gardens unique. On the grounds of 17th-century chateaus, the Dordogne valley may be seen. On Thursday nights, the garden is illuminated by candlelight for a wonderfully enchanting experience.

7. Mainau Gardens, Germany

Mainau Gardens, Germany

There is always something growing on the island of Mainau. Lake Constance is the location of this stunning landscape. English roses may thrive in a semi-tropical environment. Prince Nikolaus von Esterhazy designed the garden in the late 1800s. Visitors flock to this 45-hectare garden year-round for the annual orchid exhibit that marks the beginning of spring.

8. Giardino Sigurta, Verona, Italy

Giardino Sigurta, Verona, Italy
The Italian paradise of Parco Giardino Sigurta can only be described as paradisiacal. In the beginning, this stunning garden was developed as a little enclave around the farmhouse of a local farmer. It grew over time, eventually becoming the sprawling garden it is today. One thouand five hundred trees and over a million blooms of 300 different kinds are in the Giardino Sigurta garden each spring. In the summer, the lakes and ponds of the 18 gardens become a haven for residents and tourists alike.

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