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Summer is almost here, and that means it’s time to start planning your vacation to one of the world’s most idyllic beach towns, where you can spend the day basking in the sun, swimming in the salty ocean, exploring ancient cities, and then winding down with a glass of wine, a camera, and a delicious meal. At the same time, you watch the sunset on yet another perfect day.

There’s something enchanted and atmospheric about European sunsets. There is always a beautiful place to view the sunset, whether you are lounging on the beaches of Greece or exploring the alleyways of Florence.

In this article, you’ll learn where to see Europe’s most breathtaking sunsets, the finest ways to photograph them, where to stay, and what to do throughout the day.

1. Alghero, Italy

Alghero, Italy

Alghero is a popular vacation spot on the island of Sardinia’s western coast. This little city on the Mediterranean has a fascinating history and beautiful setting, making it a one-of-a-kind destination.

Indeed, thanks to decades of Catalan dominance, the region now has a Catalan-speaking minority. It is fascinating to learn that Catalan is still spoken in the area since it is a minority language, much like Sardinian.

The city’s tiny cobblestone streets, charming ambiance, quiet feel, and spectacular panoramas make it an absolute gem.

2. Cabo Sao Vicente, Portugal

Cabo Sao Vicente, Portugal

In the Algarve region of southern Portugal lies the scenic cape of Cabo de So Vicente (also known as Cape St.Vincent in English). It is the furthest point to the southwest in Portugal and mainland Europe. Rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, startling falls, and stunning vantage places characterize the landscape of Cabo de Sao Vicente.

The cape’s already impressive appearance is heightened by the presence of the picturesque St.Vicente Lighthouse at its extremity. One of Portugal’s most alluring spots is this secluded coastline. This is an ideal place to see the sun go down.

3. Corralejo, Spain

Corralejo, Spain

If you’re a sunset fan, Fuerteventura is the place to go. You can see some of the island’s most beautiful sunsets from the Spanish town of Corralejo.

Because Fuerteventura has so many spectacular beaches, such as Playa Corralejo and Playa Vista Lobos, you may watch the sun go down in a new place every day.

Sunsets may be enjoyed not only on the beach but also on the hotel’s terraces. For instance, the Oasis Village hotel in Corralejo has breathtaking views of the stars and Volcano Bayuyo.

Stunning sunset photography opportunities abound in Fuerteventura. The scenery is magnificent everywhere you go.

4. Guadix, Spain

Guadix, Spain

Guadix, a city near Granada, Spain, is home to some of the best sunsets in the world. It’s a great place to go on a trek with a date before the sun goes down since it’s home to some of the most incredible trails in the area.

The Mirador del Fin del Mundo is ideal for seeing the sun go down. You’ll need a vehicle or a bike to get there from the city, but once you do, you’ll be rewarded with unearthly vistas.

The golden, rocky landscape, reminiscent of a desert, turns a stunning shade of pink as the sun sets behind the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains.

5. Lycabettus Hill, Athens, Greece

Lycabettus Hill, Athens, Greece

Have you ever wished you could see a breathtaking sunset that would stay with you forever? Get yourself to Lycabettus Hill for an incredible sunset. It is 277 meters above sea level, making it Athens’ highest point.

The ascent of Lycabettus Hill is seen as problematic by many. Once you reach the top, you will have a breathtaking view of the illuminated Acropolis and Panathenaic Stadium.

Lycabettus Hill is the most excellent site in Athens to take in the sights and see one of the most spectacular sunsets in Europe.

6. Menton, France

Menton, France

Menton is an essential stop on any trip to the French Riviera since it is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets throughout the whole Côte d’Azur.

Everywhere you look in the Mediterranean jewel of Menton, you’ll find a picture-perfect scene, from the quaint pastel alleys to the majestic mountain backgrounds to the glittering sea.

Even if the whole town is picture-perfect for Instagram, the sunsets on Quai Impératrice Eugénie are breathtaking.

7. Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal, is a beautiful city. You may get an excellent city perspective from several vantage points around the urban landscape. Visit the Monastery of Serra do Pilar for a bird’s-eye perspective of Porto, particularly around sunset.

Serra do Pilar may be on the city’s Vila Novo de Gaia side. This vantage point on a rocky outcrop above the Douro River provides a panoramic view of the city and the massive bridge across the river, the Dom Luis.

The vibrant Ribeira district is on one river bank, while Gaia, home to several Port wine cellars, sits on the other.

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